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Visualize, Track, and Query your Cloud Infrastructure.


Bitbasel is a promo website of a sunny Miami-based company that specializes in creating and promoting NFT digital art.

Booking service

Traveling light-handed with luggage delivery and check-in to and from the airport


Triffic makes exploring different parts of the city even more exciting.

Booking service

Website for a golf club in Utah, USA, where you can not only play golf, but also buy or rent a house.


Decentralized infrastructure provider and cryptocurrency. Its network combines a variety of useful features to simplify the creation and integration of smart contracts.

Smart Solutions

An innovative cloud firewall that protects personal information and speeds up the Internet connection on all user's devices.


Diabetes self-care and mental health support.

Mental Health

Designing a mobile product for peace of mind (emotional security)


E-learning app for Ghanaians to improve their personal hygiene and care for their younger generation.


A modern and innovative mobile application for the accumulation, savings, and control of finances