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Our leadership
Polina Chebanova
An experienced manager who oversees Phenomenon customer relations and leads the team behind it, Polina also has deep expertise in design, having created numerous successful products in the past.
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Valerii Filimonov
CEO & Co-founder
Manager with 8+ years of experience in e-commerce, product IT solutions, startups, and background in real estate investments.
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Yuliia Apanasenko
Apart from orchestrating Phenomenon proejcts seamlessly, Yuliia manages our team of top-rated and skilled experts to drive them towards successful outcomes. She's the one who keeps our projects on track and ensures their smooth delivery.
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Anatoliy Sakhno
Experienced manager, engineer & skillful tech lead with 8-year experience of building up high-performative engineering teams and delivering top-class tech products to the market.
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Alina Sanotskaya
HR & Operations Director
People and results-oriented manager with over 5 years of experience in HR in several roles with psychological background and operational skills.
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Bogdan Paidak
Art Director
With his extensive experience in designing unforgettable products and brands, Bogdan is the visionary behind the art pieces we create, ensuring that your product will 'wow' and leave a lasting impression.
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Joshua Caleb
Head of US Development
Joshua Caleb, Head of US Development, brings 8+ years of finance and blockchain expertise. As the CTO of Dekryption Labs and Head of US Development at Phenomenon Studio US, Joshua excels in solving blockchain challenges, tailoring solutions for diverse needs.
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Mike Kimelman
Head of US Sales
Mike Kimelman, Head of US Sales, is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, and blockchain expert. He co-founded Crypto.IQ and Dekryption Labs, investing in blockchain since 2014. His M&A and founding roles enrich his specialization in blockchain advisory and investment.
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Craig Tortolani
Head of US Marketing
Craig Tortolani, Head of US Marketing, is a visionary founder of Dekryption Labs, a leading blockchain firm. With nearly five years' experience, Craig led Dekryption Labs, innovating and building advanced systems. He excels in global sales team organization and tech startup fundraising.
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Ruslan Vashchenko
UX/UI Lead
Lead UX/UI designer with 10+ years of experience creating top-notch, smooth and higly performing user interfaces for products worldwide.
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Oleksandr Kotelevets
UX/UI Lead
Oleksandr, who has over 8 years of experience in the technology industry, demonstrates capability of leading and delivering intricate UX projects from inception to launch. Skilled in user-centered design, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing.
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Denys Rabota
Head of IT Engineering and Business Analysis
An expert with over 5 years of experience in IT software development, specializing in banking, fintech, automotive, and operations for both enterprises and startups. Delivers top-notch solutions across mobile, web, and web3 domains.
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Dmytro Kirsanov
Head of branding department
Graphic designer with 7+ years of experience in logo design, branding, packaging, illustration & presentation design.
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Phenomenon is guided and supported by a destinguished team of best-in-class and accomplished advisors. With their strategic guidance, product vision and business consulting, we empower our customers to adopt a forward-thinking approach, seize opportunities, and make well-informed decisions that drive their companies to new heights of success.

Our advisors
01 - 03

CBDO, CDTO, Commercial Director, Board Advisor

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Oleg, an MBA graduate, is a seasoned business consultant, mentor, and advisor specializing in offering valuable insights to business owners and management teams.

With a strong foundation in Physics and Biophysics, coupled with a BA in Economics, he garnered extensive experience in retail network development and operations over 14 years. His notable roles include serving in C-level positions at international companies BP and Shell, such as Director for the development of the network of filling stations and Director for sales and operations.

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Our advisors
02 - 03
Adam Kyle

Co-founder & CEO of Polyform/Global Mentor at Techstars

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An accomplished startup advisor and expert in Consumer Tech, GenZ, and Augmented Reality, brings his unique skill set to the table. With a co-founder and CEO role at Polyform, a highly acclaimed design studio based in Canada, Adam’s journey has been marked by collaborations with globally renowned brands, including Nike, RTFKT, Disney, Shell, NBA, Red Bull, Amazon, Uniqlo, GE, and Lululemon. Notably, the Polyform team’s collaborative efforts have led to the successful creation of over 150 consumer products across mobile, AR, and hardware products, a remarkable accomplishment acknowledged through the receipt of more than 50 awards.

The dynamic partnership between Polyform and Phenomenon has evolved into a symbiotic relationship, focused on enriching the expertise of our professionals, pushing the boundaries of creativity, and ultimately, providing enhanced value to our clients.

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Our advisors
03 - 03
Diego Pavan

XR Product Manager / Lead Designer, XR Consultant @ DDD Visions,Co-Organizer @ VRC Toronto

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A product-obsessed designer, MBA, entrepreneur and tech community leader, Diego has been working with XR technologies for over a decade. Driven by a desire for excellence, he fuses design, business and technology in order to envision and materialize products that are complex in nature, yet simple, intuitive and enjoyable to use. A global citizen with international experience working with large multinationals, small family businesses, startups, government and NGOs, he is able to bridge and align the interests of diverse stakeholders in order to find the synergies that lead to shared value creation and sustainable business practices.A longstanding collaborator of Phenomenon, Diego led one of the biggest and most complex projects the studio has faced to date, having developed a special chemistry with the Phenomenon team that is sure to output exceptional results.

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Principles we stand

Phenomenon is a team of like-minded professionals who are united by similar goals, principles, values and aproaches to what we do.

Focus on business results

We do not just create for the sake of creating - we're focused on building products that bring results. With our full-cycle product services and trusted business advisors, we know how to design & develop a product, find its product/ market fit, and expand it to new markets. Simply saying, how to make your product even more successful.

Transparency in everything

We promote transperancy everywhere – in our daily communication with our dedicated team and customers. We are guided by it on every project and every interaction. We believe that transparency is a key to fruitful collaboration and trust. So, no matter what, we are always there for you.

Partners, not just vendors

We are not just your another vendor, but a reliable partner that cares about your product as much as you do. We dive into each process, offer our expertise and make every effort to give you the maximum value. We're a part of your team and will always have your back.

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