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Assetario – Branding for the SaaS platform


AI-powered Platform for App Personalization

AI-powered Platform for App Personalization Assetario is the best-in-class AI platform for app personalization.

Bring an AI-driven understanding of users to your app.

Deliver precisely what your users want by leveraging our Machine Learning as a Service platform for the most important monetization use cases.



  • Branding
  • Website design
  • 2D/3D illustrations
  • 3D animation
  • Development
What the client says
Phenomenon Studio was able to build and deliver a fully-functioning and visually-appealing product, much to the client’s and customers' delight. The team was highly communicative, but internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with their professionalism and strict adherence to timelines.
Anna Figura
Product Manager, Assetario   See on Linkedin
Business need

Project History

The Assetario team assembled thanks to a common passion for artificial intelligence. The question they asked themselves was, “How will we help fill the gap in the mobile app market with accurate behavioral data for companies that contribute to financial stability, growth, and engagement for both companies and their users?”

And then Assetario was born.

They trusted us with the total rejuvenation of their entire brand identity and corporate website.   We’re very excited to share the results.

Scope of work

  • Logo design
  • Creation of the whole Brand Identity
  • Website design and development.
  • 3D Motion Design & Illustrations for the Website and Brand Identity
  • Marketing assets for the advertising campaigns.

Logo Design

The logo combines several images into  one. The triangular shape and the dot in the center refer to the letter A, the drops create the feeling of a whirlwind (transmission/data flow), and the dot in the center is also a reference to AI, as a sphere around which calculations take place. Additionally , a drop in the center due to some process is the best solution and a vortex/flow can also be reflected as a prediction.

Fonts & Colors

Typography & Color Selection


Brand typography is another visual element of brand style that organizes the written display of your business and aligns with the message you want to convey to the customer.

When choosing a font for this branding, we were consistent and did not deviate from the most technical and modern font. While also ensuring the brand’s packaging is easy to serve.


They have a big impact on a person, which is why a color palette is an essential tool for brand identification. Along with the logo, fonts, and graphics, it helps convey the character and personality of a brand.

The basis of the corporate identity is lightness and professionalism. And to support it, below are the percentages of all the corporate identity colors. These numbers can change from layout to layout, but not significantly. The main principle is to create a sense of a light, clean, modern, and professional brand.

Brand assets

AI-powered Solutions

The Assetario Team loves data and AI solutions. They are gamers and engineers. The Phenomenon team is a group of MIT and Cambridge graduates, algorithmic wizards, and advisors who lead multi-billion dollar games.

The engineering and data teams cooperate with the goal of building a smart platform to process users’ data, to drive personalized gaming experiences.

Our design team combined all of those ideas into various  visuals made for Assetario. We also developed a unique 3D style to reflect all the tech vibes of the company.

Assetario – Branding for the SaaS platform - Website Development - Photo 8
3D design

3D design in detail

See detailed 3D elements made both for engaging website users and marketing activities.

All this stuff helps our clients to stand out from other startups but still look relevant in their sphere.

It works not only on the website that has much better engagement due to these kinds of visuals and animations. But also for social media and video presentations for investors or Assetario’s customers. What’s more, this stunning design also increases the trustworthiness of the brand in general.

Assetario – Branding for the SaaS platform - Website Development - Photo 11
Assetario – Branding for the SaaS platform - Website Development - Photo 14

Branded materials

We created an identity that covers all kinds of materials. We are always thinking about the various types of branded assets in advance, from the digital sphere to material things. From social media and logo placement covers to t-shirts, everything is well thought out.

Assetario – Branding for the SaaS platform - Website Development - Photo 15

Website design

Our team has done a vast amount of  work on the design and development of the Assetario Website. We carried a pretty cool visual direction thanks to minimalistic UI design and stunning 3D animations implemented on the website.

We kept page performance on the highest level as well and integrated all kinds of user behavior trackers.

In their review clients said they had seen a stable increase in website visitors and engagements thanks to Phenomenon Studio.

Assetario – Branding for the SaaS platform - Website Development - Photo 20


The team created a top-notch Brand Identity, Website design, and development that helped the client solidify his position in the market.

  • Rebranding increased product appeal and Assetario Brand awareness.
  • The website got a stable increase in  visitors and engagements thanks to Phenomenon Studio.
  • The company has all the necessary marketing materials for its campaigns and events that will further help to boost its business.
  • Both clients and our team are getting a lot of positive feedback from the audience about the new Visual Style.

Our team is very grateful to Assetario for their trust in us and proud to be a significant part of such an ambitious product!

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