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Core Developer – the platform for learning how to program - Website Development - Photo 1
Education Web app

The platform that helps people learn different programming languages.

Assetario – Branding for the SaaS platform - Website Development - Photo 2
SaaS Web app Website Branding 3D motion design

AI-powered Platform for App Personalization.

Punk Panda – Swap, Stake, and Farming platform - Website Development - Photo 3
Crypto & NFT Web app

This application allows Swap and Stake PPM and Farm PPM Token for PPM-BNB LP tokens powered by Pancake.

Eduwerks – E-learning platform - Website Development - Photo 4
Education Web app

Eduwerks helps schools move education online.

Greenow – Renewable Energy service - Website Development - Photo 5
SaaS Web app

A company changing the face of wind energy

Wayels – Courier System Dashboard - Website Development - Photo 6
SaaS Web app

Wayels is a company that provides logistics services.

Saifast – logistics web app - Website Development - Photo 7
SaaS Web app

A system for a logistics company that improves the freight management

Inforvera – FinTech service for business owners - Website Development - Photo 8
FinTech Web app

Infovera is an online service that provides business owners services on how to improve and add value to a client's company to help them realize the full potential of their company’s market value.

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