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PunkPanda - Website Development - Photo 1

PunkPanda - the worlds first secure messaging app that PAYS YOU crypto for using & sharing the App.

Nectar - Website Development - Photo 2
CBD Products

Nectar products come from the Cannabis plant and has become a popular alternative therapy for a range of conditions over the past few years.

Juna - Website Development - Photo 3

Juna is an at-home STI testing kit for Gen-Z.

Inforvera - Website Development - Photo 4

Infovera is an online service that provides business owners services on how to improve and add value to a client's company to help them realize the full potential of their company’s market value.

Datashyp - Website Development - Photo 5
B2B solutions

Datashyp is powerful data-driven platform built to simplify shipping. They help to identify overspends for large retail brands. They are experienced, tech-driven, trustworthy, and secure.

E – ciggarets - Website Development - Photo 6
E - commerce

E - cigarettes are modern electronic devices, with incredible flavors, everyone will find favorite taste and design.

Blueheart - Website Development - Photo 7
Mental Health

Take the stress out of sex with anxiety-reducing touch therapy created by experts

Nouri - Website Development - Photo 8
Smart Solutions

Nouri is a tool for people who want to be more connected to those who matter most to them