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Space protocol

Space Protocol is the first decentralized finance (DeFi) royalty protocol that uses cash-generating, hard assets to generate yield from real economic value. Space Protocol is for anyone who wants to capitalize on the opportunity of earning money or holding a token with sound value backing its supply.


Space protocol


UI design
3D illustrations
Motion design

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In details

The main design team’s goal was to make the design unique, revealing the nature of Space and Blockchain domain. For that purpose the team conducted its research to suggest best options to showcase the advantages of Space Protocol. The project started with Logo and Branding creation that set the direction of the whole project.

Final Stage

Bewitching logo and suitable font made coped with the goal of creating futuristic and unique design. Night sky colors and spaceship illustrations make a user feel in a space atmosphere. Canvas animations implemented by the professional team of developers contributed to the project to make it solid and accomplished. The design turned out to be unique and unobtrusive, while focusing the user’s attention on the advantages of Space Protocol and cooperation with it.


Space protocol – website for DeFi Protocol - Website Development - Photo 5
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We work with both small startups and large corporations.

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