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BitBasel – NFT Community landing page

BitBasel – NFT Community landing page - Website Development - Photo 1

Promo website of a sunny Miami based NFT company

Bitbasel assists young artists to sell their works on various crypto-exchanges and offers a variety of services for investors: investments in contemporary art and a unique chance to become a part of the large CryptoArt Community. The key objective of the project was to create an updated version of the website, which would fully reflect the uniqueness of the company, the culture of Bitbasel Miami events, and also talk about the benefits and services provided by the company for Artists and Collectors that distinguish it from other similar NFT companies in the USA.



  • UX audit
  • Research
  • Wireframing
  • UI design
  • 3D illustrations
  • Motion design
  • Development
In detail

Development of a promo website.


The task was to create a design that would fully satisfy two things: first, it would display the entire list of services provided by the company (promoting the works of artists in its own Community, attracting investors for the development of digital art), and secondly, that it would convey the environment of the digital reality of the future, which immerses the website target audience into the incredibly high tech world. The goal was to create user-friendly and understandable navigation, which will allow users to quickly find the information needed.


To meet both goals, we carried out an extensive analysis of the existing promo websites of NFT companies and crypto exchanges; we analyzed the highlights, approaches, and solutions, as well as outlined the advantages and disadvantages of each of the competitors.

After the UX research, we concluded that the best solution would be to separate each service into dedicated blocks, which will be easily accessible through the main menu, which is deliberately placed on the left side of the page. This allowed us to further emphasize the uniqueness of the company.

We have created a 3D illustration that completely immerses the user in the mood of the website. There we depicted NFT coins against a background of palm trees in Miami during sunset and added a smooth and light animation of palm leaves swaying in the wind.

The commonly used geometric shapes were substituted, we created a large number of asymmetric elements, such as frames for photos and objects, the exclusive design of buttons and links, depicted titles and text blocks in a new way, inspired by the Cyberpunk style.

BitBasel – NFT Community landing page - Website Development - Photo 5
Working progress

From research to final platform design

Stage 1. Research

An important part of the work was the research of Bitbasel’s competitors in the state and beyond, among companies providing a similar range of services. Having analyzed the highlights, approaches, and solutions, we managed to outline the advantages and disadvantages of each competitor, and also thought of a unique approach that would allow the company to stand out from its competitors.

Stage 2. Updated architecture

Since we were to redesign the old website adding new service blocks and updates to existing content, we started creating a mood board and prototypes of the future website after getting acquainted with the goals of the project and UX research.

Stage 3. Moodboard

Prior to creating prototypes of the website, we needed to draft a mood board for the visual style and color palette and get approval on the best option. We were inspired by games and movies in the style of the virtual digital reality of the future.

Stage 4. Wireframing

To clearly understand the structure of the page and approve the necessary blocks and sections, we have prepared a highly detailed prototype of each block. Moreover, we decided to add new unique blocks, offering the client several options on the home page.

Stage 5. UI Design, UI Kit

Having the prototypes approved, we moved on to the next stage, which is UI design. Also, we drafted a design for mobile browsers in addition to the web version of the website. Design components have been added to the UI Kit to be used by developers.

Additional stage. Illustrations

When we worked on the project, we also created a 3D illustration; its style was selected to match the website content and to have a similar color scheme.

Stage 6. Website development and support

The last stage was the development of the website by our team based on the prior made layouts and UI-kit. The website was developed on Next.js, including SEO optimization by a team of frontend, backend developers, devops. Also, it passed the final stage of QA testing before launch. We created a separate specification in order to properly transfer information on animations of the website interface to the developers.

The post-development includes technical support since the company releases updates and new events quite often, which is displayed on the website.


We brought the updated interface of the Bitbasel website, the world's first CryptoArt Community.

During our work on this project, we applied bold and memorable visual solutions and increased brand awareness. This allowed us to attract many new users who are interested in the company’s services. Having developed a unique concept, we confidently presented the updated version of the Bitbasel company, which is rapidly developing around the world.


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