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ArmaApes – NFT Collection website

ArmaApes – NFT Collection website - Website Development - Photo 1

ArmaApes is Animated NFTs Collection

ArmaApes is the NFT and crypto startup whose coin is connected with a few charity organizations and this NFT collection is the new step to help those foundations.



  • Research
  • Wireframing
  • 3D illustrations
  • UI design
ArmaApes – NFT Collection website - Website Development - Photo 2
In details

ArmaApes are aiming to convey the mood of a strong and brave company


The key task of the project was to create a landing page that should fully reflect the uniqueness of the NFT collection, the culture, and the mood of the company. Also, the studio was faced with the task of creating a directly individual collection that is different from other similar NFT companies.


To meet goals, we carried out an extensive analysis of the existing promo websites of NFT companies and crypto exchanges; we analyzed the highlights, approaches, and solutions, as well as outlined the advantages and disadvantages of each of the competitors.

ArmaApes – NFT Collection website - Website Development - Photo 4
Working progress

From research to final promo website design

Research & UI Design

An important part of the work was to research competitors. We have analyzed the highlights, approaches, and solutions and identified the pros and cons of each of them. Then we proceeded to develop a structure after we got acquainted with the project goals and UX research.

After we approved the wireframes, we got to the next stage, i.e. the design. Besides the web version of the website, we also developed a version for mobile browsers. Design components have been added to the UI Kit that can be used by developers.

ArmaApes – NFT Collection website - Website Development - Photo 5
Illustrations & Features

The website is not the only thing that we’ve made for this project but the actual characters from the collection are also made by our Studio. We considered all the wishes of the client and developed a unique combat collection.

We have added a function to the site, with which the user will be able to mint a unique work of art, make a donation, and receive a very promising NFT asset once he connects a wallet.


Promo website where you can mint the NFTs directly

As a result, we got a promo site with a unique NTF collection. The web page not only gives users the information they need but also makes it accessible and interactive, highlighting key points and at the same time not overloading users with long texts.

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