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Neap – mental health mobile app for diabetics

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Diabetes self-care and mental health support.

Neap is a startup company supported by Falmouth University, UK Research and Innovation, NHS (Royal Cornwall Hospitals). The main goal of the project is to simplify and systematize such processes as filling out a medical logbook every day, making notes on the calendar. The app comes with some game elements aimed at encouraging users. The target audience is people with diabetes from different groups.



  • Research
  • Branding
  • Wireframing
  • UI design
  • 2D illustrations
  • Development
In detail

It’s hard to live with diabetes, but we have a solution!


The main idea of our team was to develop a mobile application with a user-friendly interface that would evoke an emotional response from the user. According to research, diabetic patients are more often depressed, so it was important for us to design an interface that would create a feeling of care and support for this type of users, to show them that they are not alone.


During the research, we realized that the best option for visualizing information would be a cute mascot who meets the user on the dashboard and accompanies him throughout the session.

Today people are increasingly delving into the digital environment, so, one way or another they comes across game mechanics: the user receives a daily login bonus in the application, which motivates him to monitor his health and regularly log in to Neap. A separate set of illustrations were drawn for each reward.

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Working progress

From research to app launch

UX Research

The first stage of the project was UX research. We analyzed the main competitors, identified their strengths and weaknesses in order to understand what solutions other companies have invented in the field of self-care for diabetics, as well as to avoid mistakes that can result in poor product quality.

After a thorough analysis of competitors, we did a research of the target audience, found out their pains and needs. This made it clear what people lack in similar products and what we should focus on.

Roadmap, App Architecture, Userflow

The major and important step for us was to come up with a clear architecture of the application, consider all patterns of user behavior, and organize the structure of Neap in such a way that the application interface is easy-to-use and accessible even to beginners.

UI Design

Guided by the findings from the research and the new style guide, we started designing the main application tabs. We started with a dashboard design that includes a chart, graphs, and indicators of the user’s current health status. The final revision was later approved by the client. After that, the artist moved on to create illustrations for the dashboard, while the UI/UX designer was creating internal screens.


At the final stage of UI design, we prepared a style guide and collected a variety of set-packs for social media banners. Based on the approved corporate identity, we invented a mascot and a whole series of illustrations with this character. In the future, the style guide was supplemented with custom illustrations and icons that we drew for Neap.


Our main goal was to create a character that would represent the main idea of Neap, as well as reflect the friendly atmosphere and a sense of altruism, which is so vital for users with diabetes. To achieve this goal, our team drew over 30 2D illustrations.


Landing page + Responsive Design

After all works on the application were finished, our team started designing a promo website (landing page) for Neap. The main purpose of such a landing page is to tell about the advantages and features of the application, as well as, to encourage a new user with a bright presentation and a modern content presentation approach to download a demo application and become a regular Neap customer.

We also created responsive versions of the landing page for tablets and mobile devices. Additionally, we have also created versions that would look nice on mobile devices but were not quite suitable for PCs.


Launched selling website and mobile app for Neap - Diabetes self-care at your fingertips!

Good health and mental well-being are important to everyone. We have created and launched an application that provides assistance not only in terms of self-care for diabetic patients but also in terms of psychological support. The main goal of Neap is to motivate users to monitor their health and find groups of support among diabetics. The goal was achieved thanks to the well-thought-out UX and visual component of the application.







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