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Zest App — Unleashing a Healthier You

Zest app utilizes clinically-backed recommendations to support your longevity


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Zest optimizes health for longevity with comprehensive resources

Phenomenon Studio responded to the client’s initial request, focusing on discovery and branding. The challenge was to finish the design stage within 2 weeks.


Over the past decade, science has made significant strides in mapping out the biological root causes of aging. For the first time in history, Zest possesses the tools necessary to address aging at its core, aiming to prevent and even reverse the biological aging process. Over 100 rigorous clinical studies verify that Zest’s expertly curated longevity supplement packs target the root causes of aging at the cellular level.

Design Challenges

The challenge was to complete the design stage within a tight timeframe of 2 weeks while ensuring high quality and attention to detail. Our team faced various obstacles, including aligning with the client’s vision, managing multiple design elements simultaneously, and ensuring cohesiveness across all deliverables.

Intense Development Phase

Despite the challenges, our team swiftly implemented solutions during the discovery phase, relying on comprehensive documentation. This involved meticulous work on various elements such as the skin feature, logo development, brand colors, LinkedIn banner, brand book, and USA mobile app design.


Remarkably, the detailed documentation expedited the design process, enabling us to bypass the wiring phase and achieve the ambitious two-year design goal. The deliverables included a detailed logo, brand colors, LinkedIn banner, brand book, and an expanded UI product featuring a clickable prototype.


We delivered substantial value delivered to the clientl. It encompassed a discovery, branding, and appendage design, all poised for development. The add-on is now accessible in the app store, with the client managing the download process independently.

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4.9 stars

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What client says

The client expressed high satisfaction with the team’s proficiency, facilitating the prompt and timely completion of the design within the initially estimated timeframes.

Julia Cooney

CEO of Zest See on Linkedin

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From meticulous documentation to a cohesive brand identity package and a rapid two-week UI evolution, discover the transformative solutions that defined our approach.

SwiftSkin Documentation Overhaul

Through meticulous documentation in the discovery phase, including an expanded description of the skin feature, our team streamlined the design process, enabling the development of a comprehensive design within a two-week timeframe.

Brand Harmony Package

We delivered a detailed brand identity package encompassing a distinctive logo, carefully selected brand colors, a professional LinkedIn banner, and a comprehensive brand book. This ensured a cohesive and impactful visual representation for the client.

RapidUI Evolution

Implementing the UI product’s extensive expansion over two weeks and creating a clickable prototype showcased our commitment to delivering a robust and forward-looking mobile app design ready for development and user interaction.

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