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Blueheart – digital sex therapy mobile app

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Take the stress out of sex with anxiety-reducing touch therapy created by experts

Blueheart is a digital sex therapy app that uses guided audio sessions to help you get your libido back. It helps you learn more about the problems you are facing and helps you overcome these, on your own or with your partner. It brings you closer together with non-sexual activities and working through your relationship with your partner and yourself.

Client Sachin Raoul, Robbie Coomber
  • UX audit
  • Research
  • Wireframing
  • UI design
  • 2D illustrations
In detail



Having conducted UX-Audit, our team found plenty of gaps which needed deeper examination and more work on. We spent hours researching best practices, studying user interviews and discussing what kind of solutions would bring what kind of solutions would be optimal for this product.


Our main task was to improve the current App, make user experience more pleasant & engaging, and create a visual interface that would be trustworthy.

Blueheart – digital sex therapy mobile app - Website Development - Photo 6
Working progress

Interaction design

Do it alone or with your partner

No matter whether you have a lover or not, we tried our best to create the all purpose app that fits anyone. That’s why we implemented 2 plans into the App – Solo and Partner ones. Do you want to try it your own first and invite your partner later? Or maybe you don’t have a lover yet and you want to focus on learning yourself? Easy! We have foreseen everything!

Do it at your own pace

We are aware we’re all different with different rhythms of lives and it’s impossible to create universal rules for everybody. After talking to our users, we understood that it was important for us to let our users be flexible and go through the therapy at their own pace but at the same time not let them feel abandoned. So we developed a system of recommendations, notifications and tips that helped users to adhere to the course even if they don’t proceed according to the plan.

Get professional help

We agree that not all issues can be solved with the help of the course and sometimes there are cases when a deeper study of the problem is needed. So one of the most important tasks was to create an opportunity for a user to chat with the therapist, ask them questions and get individual advice. As a result, we’ve managed to build a user-friendly interface for and making sure developed product reflects the design accurately. And of course it’s possible to have a private appointment with your partner too.

Final Stage

At this stage we started working on unique illustrations which would convey the feeling of the App and highlight an individual approach once again. After that all the designs were given to the developers from the client’s side and our team started mentoring and making sure all the designs were met.


Not only have we redesigned the interface but also implemented best practiсes to make the user experience more engaging, user-friendly and intuitive

Blueheart has become the very project that allowed us to apply the best practices of user interaction, improve current flows and also to add new features which both users and the app would benefit from. And what’s even more important, we’ve become a part of something great that really helps people be happier, more sensible and understanding.







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