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Medicare – Digital Doctor Mobile App

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Online doctor appointments and health control system

Medicare is an online therapy platform that gives users access to licensed therapists and psychiatrists from any location through their mobile app. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Client Medicare LLC, CA
  • Research
  • Wireframing
  • Interactive Prototyping
  • UI design
In details

Quick assistance to patients


Our main task was to create an app that allowed you to book appointments online and discuss your health issues with a doctor via online chat or video call, to track your family member’s health, and see your medical history on your phone.


We want to ease users’ worries by bringing doctors and patients together. With the help of the Medicare app, you can save a lot of time by searching for a doctor near you with an online map and booking an appointment at a comfortable time based on reviews and the doctor’s primary qualifications.

We implemented a list of features:

  • Online ambulance in emergency cases in the online chat
  • Ability to send the doctor photos and videos of your issue
  • Make a video call and discuss the problem
  • Track your family members’ health status
  • See your medical history list in your cabinet
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Working process

From research to final mobile app development

UX Research

We conducted in-depth research using different methods like SWOT analysis, identified opportunities, and threats and discovered the strengths and weaknesses of the main competitors in the market. The user’s main problem was an inability to contact the doctor before the visit and get immediate help because other apps have a rather limited list of features. Usually, the user can book an appointment, and that’s all. As a result, the user will call the doctor by phone on another website and close the app. Besides, nobody from the competitors provides a family account, which would significantly save time tracking relatives’ health.

Information Architecture

Before starting to do Wireframes for the app, we created the Information Architecture, and user flows to understand the user’s behavior and difficulties the user can face when interacting with the app. It helped us to track user flow and highlight the most important interactions which need to be simple and convenient.

UI Design

Our design process includes Wireframes and Usability testing to work out user interactions, simplify the user experience and add necessary features. We improved and renovated the current version of the product based on the user’s feedback and main needs.We choose a light, clean, and simple design, adding some colorful elements such as icons and illustrations.


Book a medical appointment in a fast and convenient way with a clean and intuitive interface

As a result, we combined a soft and light design with unique medical features for the mobile app. We highlighted all the most important things, such as finding a doctor near you through an online map, adding your family members and tracking their health status, and contacting the doctor effortlessly through urgent chat and video calls.

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