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Meby – Meditation mobile app

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Innovative mobile application for your mental health

Meby is a meditation app, where you can find hundreds of unique courses, developed by psychologists and yoga experts, that could be adapted to any user after a fast test.



  • Research
  • Wireframing
  • UI design
In details

The app gives a systematic approach to achieving results


Our main task was to give people the opportunity to monitor their mental health and keep in balance through meditation courses adapted to each individually.


UX audit showed that the main user’s pain points when using similar applications are non-systematic passing practices and desire to quit it, because there are no plans and motivation.

The best solution for keeping up with a plan is to offer short courses with a clear goal.

And also to motivate users, we decided to implement to track their previous test results to compare with the current. Meby app is able to give a suggestion on how to improve the next session depending on the results.

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Meby – Meditation mobile app - Website Development - Photo 5
Working progress

We’ve managed to implement a lot of practices to offer the best courses adapted to you

UX -research

In UX research we analyzed the main competitors, and identified their strengths and weaknesses. We understood which features can be useful in our application and which are better to avoid so that the product does not turn out to be of poor quality.

After a thorough analysis of competitors, we did research of the target audience, and found out their pains and needs. This made it clear what people lack in similar products and what we should focus on.

Reframing and Creating possible solutions

At this stage, we offered solutions to the main pains and needs of users. We settled on the solution that would make using the product as interactive and productive as possible. After thinking through all the details, we added short daily testing, progress tracking, and recommendations.

In addition to functionality and usability, the app should also be visually appealing to the user. We chose dark backgrounds, bright gradients, and abstract 3D illustrations. This style looks unusual for an app of this kind and speaks to technology and innovation. The fascinating abstract illustrations blend perfectly with the meditative atmosphere.

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A ready-made design solution for those who need to be in the clear mind

We designed a convenient and modern application that not only attracts the user with its unusual style but will also help you systematically work on your mental health and keep it in balance.

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