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Glume – healthcare mobile app for diabetics

Glume – healthcare mobile app for diabetics - Website Development - Photo 1

Application for people who have diabetes of any degree

Glume aims to provide a better experience and make life easier for people with diabetes. Based on the data entered, the application offers recommendations for improving health.


Glume LLC, Germany


UX Research
UX Wireframing
Interactive Prototyping
UI Design

In details

We have developed an app that helps people get better control over blood glucose levels


Develop an application for people who have diabetes of any degree. The application’s task is to monitor users’ performance and make recommendations based on them. The value for the user is that he enters indicators, and the system does everything.


At the beginning of the project, we conducted a UX study. We analyzed competitors and compiled a list of functions that the application needs to perform the main tasks of users.

The application should help people better control their blood glucose levels, calculate their daily glycemic load, remember to take their pills and blood tests on time, and, as a result, reduce the impact of diabetes on their health.

Working process

A strong foundation is a must

Informational architecture

After researching and prioritizing features, our team designed the application’s architecture. The informational architecture was designed so that the application could grow with additional functionality in the future – after all, only some features go into the first MVP.

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Our team runs tests on products like this because users often think differently than we would like them to. We conducted several user tests at the time of wireframing. Based on the results of these tests, we revised the assistant functionality since it was ineffective, and we decided to change this feature.

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Working process

We have developed a user-friendly application that meets the needs of users


During the registration phase, the questions in Glume are formulated to allow for analyzing the user’s problems. Then the app generates a series of recommendations, such as what to eat and avoid, what sports are recommended, and overall exercise levels.

The application also has an assistant that motivates the user from the system to enter their indicators. Based on the user’s responses, the assistant recommends improving their health.


Our team has developed a complete clickable prototype with interactive components. The team also developed tips, reminders, and recommendations to help users navigate and enter data into the application in time.


Diabetes Assistant is right on your phone and always with you

We have created a mobile application that helps people with diabetes enter, track data, and gives recommendations on improving their health. The goal of Glume is to motivate users to enter data, monitor their health, and receive psychological support.

Metrics show that users like the app. The average retention rate is 15.3%. The client also told us that 82% of users are happy with the smart assistant feature, which was redesigned based on the results of user tests.

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