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Wayels – Courier System Dashboard

Wayels – Courier System Dashboard - Website Development - Photo 1

Wayels is a company that provides logistics services.

Wayels provides transportation, handling, and storage services to assist its customers in the process of moving goods from producer to consumer. The platform was created for the internal tasks of the company, aimed at minimizing costs and optimizing the processes of cargo transportation.

Client Wayels
  • Research
  • Wireframing
  • Interactive Prototyping
  • UI design
In detail

Admin panel for a courier service Wayels


Our main task was to create a user-friendly and understandable dashboard with summary information. The platform should be able to track parcels, receive parcels, form cargo for the selected vehicle, and draw up a route for the driver.


The main pain point for employees is the problem of loading cars and tracking the driver’s path. Having researched and tested hypotheses, we came to the conclusion that we need to divide the process into several stages:

  • Select an available vehicle that shows the load
  • Interactive load shaping to minimize errors
  • Automatic calculation and hints
  • Tracking the driver by GPS, with the ability to contact him directly

In this way, managers can quickly determine what and where can be downloaded and tracked in real-time.

Wayels – Courier System Dashboard - Website Development - Photo 5
Working progress

Interaction with the service helps to track the parcels and form the cargo in time


We analyzed the service that the company used to work on and other services and realized that employees do not have enough data to collect useful and understandable information. Therefore, we decided to show analytics through widgets, which allowed us to display only important and user-accessible information. The system combines several essential elements like route planning and management, optimizing way and delivery, monitoring and communication with the drivers, tracking locations in real-time, forming a load for the truck in an interactive form, automatically calculating the load, and other important information.


There is a lot of functionality on the platform, which at first may seem huge, but thanks to thoughtful interactive components, it is much easier for the user to interact. Our team has developed a large number of tips, reminders, and recommendations that help the user to navigate. By doing this, we minimize the time spent by the user on searching for the desired functionality and completing tasks on time.


Tracking and loading machines have become more accessible and convenient with a beautiful and intuitive interface

To organize and present information in a digestible way, we used a card-based design so that managers could quickly view and respond to the data. By adding some bright accents and illustrations, we found a way to keep the interface from looking dull. Light and dark versions of the product were also developed, and each manager can choose a comfortable space for himself.

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