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RADAR – Web3 projects aggregator

RADAR – Web3 projects aggregator - Website Development - Photo 1

RADAR is a mobile application for searching web3 projects

The value of this application is that you can interact with them. Namely: buy/sell tokens or NFT collections, as well as invest in projects.


RADAR, Poland

  • Research
  • Wireframing
  • Interactive Prototyping
  • UI design
In details

We have developed an app that will help people interact with new & popular web3 projects


Develop a mobile application for searching web3 projects. Its meaning is that the app shows all trending web3 projects.


At the start of the project, we conducted comprehensive UX research. We analyzed all possible competitors and compiled a list of needed functions. The application should immerse people in the web3 world. In which users can find all possible new and interesting projects.

Showed statistics of income and expenses of assets. The application informs the user about new projects or coins in real-time. For convenience, we have divided web3 projects into different categories, which have their icon and color.

RADAR – Web3 projects aggregator - Website Development - Photo 3
Working process

A reliable application structure is critical at the launch

Informational architecture

After researching the UX, we identified the priority features and moved on to the application architecture development. We created the information architecture so that the application could scale in the future.

RADAR – Web3 projects aggregator - Website Development - Photo 4

After the architecture, we moved on to creating the application’s functionality, which is the wireframing stage. Wireframes are commonly used as design documentation because they are a static and fixed way to display an interface. Most importantly, they allow you to minimize errors and inconveniences in the design.

Working process

We have developed a modern and user-friendly application


Web3 is already close to us, which will become a new paradigm, the future of networks, and the digital revolution. The user can find all trending projects in the application, such as startups, new tokens gaining popularity, new NFT collections, etc., and interact with them directly.

Namely, the user can buy or sell tokens or NFT directly in the application and invest in projects in just a couple of clicks – view statistics of income and expenses assets.

We also developed various notifications for the dynamic Island for the iOS version. Namely, when new hot offers appear, weekly statistics for the user, which assets he bought the most and which brought income.


For all projects, we develop clickable prototypes, and this project is no exception. With this, we immediately test the convenience and understandability of the application.

RADAR – Web3 projects aggregator - Website Development - Photo 11

Be always on the trend of new web3 projects

As a result, we are seeing a mobile application that helps users to always be on the trend of new web3 projects and interact with them.

Showed visual differences in an app for categories so the user could quickly navigate. Added a summary of all assets, which shows how much was spent and earned. We added “my weekly expenses” to the statistics, which helps the user understand the overall picture of his assets.

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We work with both small startups and large corporations.
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