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OSIRIS – VR Headset branding & landing page

OSIRIS – VR Headset branding & landing page - Website Development - Photo 1

VR glasses of future

Osiris is a promo landing page that talks about the next-generation wireless virtual reality headset with built-in high-quality headphones. You can get acquainted with the latest model of virtual glasses and learn about all the advantages and features of this model.



  • Research
  • Branding
  • Wireframing
  • UI design
  • 3D illustrations
In details

Before defining the goals of the project, a detailed briefing of the client was held to clarify what the brand is and what its message is


We were faced with the task of creating branding and promo landing page for the product. We carriedo out UX Research, and analyzed the competitors of this niche, during which useful features were identified that we can apply to our future project. We needed to make a design that would look stylish and clean, thereby conveying all the manufacturability and modernity of the product.

OSIRIS – VR Headset branding & landing page - Website Development - Photo 6
Working progress

Brand identity

Logo idea 

We had the task of developing a minimalistic logo that has an echo of cyberpunk, which gives the brand the spirit of the future. The idea with the shape of an eye formed the basis of the logo because thanks to our eyes we learn a new world of the metaverse. For the brand name, was used the Roboto Nono typeface, as it reads well in small size and conveys a sense of geometricity and manufacturability.

Character Trait

Stylish, Technological, Daring, Robotics.

Main colors

The primary colors of the brand: white, turquoise, black, and neon yellow. Black and white are text colors and backgrounds. The turquoise color is used in small quantities for accents for various icons, buttons, etc. And we also use neon yellow in a very small amount for additional small elements and text.

Font styles

Two typeface Roboto Mono and Neue Machina is a relationship between human and machine. A monospaced/geometric typeface incorporating heavy-hitting ink traps making readability clear in small sizes while holding big personality in larger sets.


Final Stage

The result is a mesmerizing and stylish design that captures the cyberpunk feel and immersion in the metaverse. We have created and animated beautiful 3D models that show what VR glasses might look like on you. The website not only looks technologically advanced but also provides the user with all the necessary information to get acquainted with the product in an understandable form.




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