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Frozeverse – Metaverse VR game

Frozeverse – Metaverse VR game - Website Development - Photo 1

Frozeverse - Metaverse VR Game

Frozeverse is a sandbox game based on the Metaverse and VR, with the game assets included as NFTs.


Frozeverse Softworks, CA

  • Art style guide
  • Character design
  • Environment design
  • 3D animation
  • Wireframing
  • UI design
In detail
Project history

Frozeverse assembled a team of experienced and ambitious indie-game developers who had worked on dozens of Unity- and VR-based projects before. 

Then, having been inspired by growing interest in the metaverse and determined to bring their expertise into this area, they began work on the Frozeverse.

Their team contacted many studios to develop an art style guide, and after we produced one that they liked, they chose us to work on many aspects of their product.

Scope of work
  • Creation of an art style guide based on both research into the target market and the client’s technical brief
  • Development of the 3D characters, environment, and game assets from concept to game-ready models and animations for implementation to Unity
  • The first collection of game assets is available as NFTs in the marketplace is on the website
  • Website design and development
  • The MVP version of the NFT marketplace with the game assets
  • Marketing assets for the advertising campaigns
Our process

Character design

From a rough concept to advanced detailing, we brought a 3D character to life for this game.

Please meet Rona!

Rona is a huge part of LOR, and guides the player through the game’s storyline, acting as their companion. 

Players can customize Rona’s armor and weapon just as they can their own.  They can earn new equipment during the game or buy premium assets in the NFT marketplace.


We studied each element in detail to ensure everything matched the style of the game, maintained the right atmosphere, and had high texture quality without increasing the number of polygons on the 3D model itself.

Frozeverse – Metaverse VR game - Website Development - Photo 7
Our process

Environment design

Our team developed the location for the MVP level based on the client’s technical and level design documents.

The fruit of our labor is the starting location for the game, as well as the test location for new game mechanics.

Our immersive design and effects let users dive into the atmosphere of the mysterious new world and have the best experience possible when exploring  the world, especially with VR devices.

Frozeverse – Metaverse VR game - Website Development - Photo 10

MVP game mechanics

Our team developed an MVP gameplay video as well as the environment for the meta-world. Here we may see the interaction with the inventory as well.

Also, check out the atmosphere we managed to create, and our amazing in-game loot box opening animation.

Frozeverse – Metaverse VR game - Website Development - Photo 13
NFT marketplace

Take a look at the MVP version of the in-game NFT Marketplace, which is also implemented on the website. Users can find, filter, and buy game assets for game tokens or ETH.

Also, check out the actual design of the animated NFTs made by our team.  We are continuing to create cool new things for this shop.

Frozeverse – Metaverse VR game - Website Development - Photo 14
In-game coin

The product is based on NFTs, so it has its own currency. And this currency will become stronger as the game grows. 

We developed the game-internal design of the FrozeCoin to ensure the style matched with the rest of the game’s designs. 

Website design

After making the art style guide, we continued creating the website for the Frozeverse.

When designing the game’s UI, our team aimed to combine modernism with minimalism, along with detailed 3D artwork. We more than achieved this, and produced graphics that fit in well with other, similar games. 

Also, we created a very friendly responsive design for this website so that users can still be involved and even buy assets when they are away from their computers. It also means that they won’t lose sales and can buy some items at a discounted rate.

Frozeverse – Metaverse VR game - Website Development - Photo 18


  • Our team has done a fantastic job, and we received a lot of positive feedback not only from Frozeverse Softworks, but also from their testers who are also their target market.
  • This project had a strong foundation with fresh and unique visual direction, high-quality game assets, characters, and environment.
  • We managed to design an MVP version of the marketplace that will grow, since we’re already working on its wider functionality.
  • The website design received a lot of positive reviews from people who invested in the project, which means that the next round of investment will be successful. Frozeverse will get much more resources to develop their project and make it even better.
  • Our team is proud to be a part of such a cool product, and we are grateful to Frozeverse Softworks for this opportunity.
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