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Learnt – online learning web app

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A platform for online learning with tutors.

Learnt Platform – an online marketplace that allows students to seamlessly and instantaneously connect with highly vetted tutors online and in-person. A client contacted us and asked to redesign an existing service. The main target audience of this product is students who want to gain additional quality knowledge in certain subjects through an individual approach and also the teachers themselves, who have opted for professional tutoring.



  • Research
  • Wireframing
  • UI design
  • Development
  • Branding
In detail

Our team’s task was to make a full-fledged redesign of the entire website, as well as to add new pages for new features. The redesign should make the website visually impressive for the user, as well as easy for finding the right teacher and for the online learning itself. We have set goals and criteria which can help us to simplify and speed up the search engine, and improve online classes so that a basic user can get straight to studying without spending too much time exploring the platform.


First of all, the user is unwilling to be overloaded with unnecessary, complex information when searching for a subject and choosing a tutor. Our team simplified the information architecture of the website, which helped make the interaction between tutors and students more convenient. All text information is supported by appropriate illustrations and icons so that any user can easily start studying or teaching with Learnt.

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Working progress

From research to website development

UX Research

The first stage of the project was UX research. We have identified competitors in the niche and the target audience for which the product will be developed and what are its features in terms of information perception. Thus, we can get an understanding of what users lack in similar products and what should be improved.

Information Architecture

When we just started to develop the design, we worked out a sitemap with branches of all pages for a full understanding of the entire user experience in the first place. Further in the wireframes, we worked out the structure of each page based on the findings of the UX research. Now it has become much more convenient to search for tutors and subjects thanks to the advanced filter with all the necessary parameters in one place. All stages that could cause misunderstanding or trouble are now accompanied by tips and illustrations to attract more attention.

Also, we added a referral system, according to which students can receive additional income from inviting their friends or tutors to the platform. This is an extremely important aspect in expanding the platform audience.

UI & Branding

Considering the fact that the platform was already on the market and had active users, we analyzed the current situation of the brand and tried to preserve certain elements of the identity for product recognition and develop it further.

The website is made in warm colors and has a slightly playful design. Thanks to this, students are in the right mood and don’t feel like being on another boring website, where you have to study tons of information. Education is not the easiest process and for many people it can be psychologically pressing: you want to take your mind off it over and over again and put it all off till another time. Therefore, we tried to do as much as possible to bring a relaxed atmosphere into the design instead of boring classes with a stern teacher.

Responsive design

The web is now mainly accessed from mobile devices, so we made sure that the website content is properly displayed on them.

We developed alternative versions of tables to avoid horizontal or vertical scrolling on smartphones. We also reduced the number of illustrations and GIFs to make the pages shorter.

Their execution is splendid and their excellent communication keeps everybody aligned.
Eliza Nimmich
COO & Founder, Learnt • See live

New designes and new pages for Learnt website

Online learning has become even more popular in recent years. Universities are starting to compete with online educational platforms. Learnt, being one of those, helps many users who want to study or teach, and gain new knowledge from anywhere in the world without wasting time.

After the redesign, the website started to “speak” the same language with the audience, because it now matches its preferences in terms of visual design. Moreover, thanks to improvements to the internal logic of the platform, the number of website visitors has now increased and continues to provide them with an improved experience while studying and teaching.







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