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Juna is an at-home STI testing kit for Gen-Z. Founded by Peter Arian in 2021, Juna (formerly Salk) provides an online ordering portal for people to order a variety of STD test kits, detecting a range of infections from HIV to Chlamydia.




UI design
2D illustrations

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In details
Accessible, affordable, and easy to use healthcare

The task was to create a design that would fully satisfy two things: firstly, to familiarize users with the company’s products (PrEP Check, Full Panel Kit, Common Two, HIV & others), and secondly, to provide a more discreet and convenient way of maintaining sexual health.

The goal was to make a light and informative website design that would grab the attention of Gen-Z users and tell them how to maintain their sexual health in a friendly tone.

The result is a trendy and useful site for young people

As a result, we got not only a wonderful and modern design but also a catchy brand with its unique style. Thanks to nice illustrations and a bright palette, we don’t do the typical “medical” design that seems boring and too serious for young people. We show that the topic of health and especially sexual health (which we rarely discuss in society) is available to everyone, and you can monitor your health with just an at-home STI testing kit.

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