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JoCreate – Application for creating NFT collections

JoCreate – Application for creating NFT collections - Website Development - Photo 1

A service that allows you to create NFT collections in a few clicks

The service allows you to model a set of elements and generate a collection of NFTs based on them. Its functionality is aimed at a young audience – this application’s backgrounds, filters, and visual effects are extremely relevant and modern. With this application, users can also sell their artwork: once it’s finished, it can be exported to the popular NFT marketplaces.


JoCreate LLC,

San Francisco

  • Research
  • Wireframing
  • UI design
  • Development
Business need

Client request

The JoCreate team asked us to develop a stylish and easy-to-use service for creating NFT collections for desktop and mobile versions, with integration into the most popular marketplaces.

Our role

The role of our team in this project was not only to implement solutions. The main goal was to identify these solutions through UX research and competitive and business analysis, such as choosing the best technologies, integrations, and even the best way to synchronize different third-party platforms with our service.

Problems & solutions

The existing generators on the market have a confusing and complex interface with limited functionality. It isn't easy to figure out how to upload your content and generate collections.


While researching the market, our team discovered that there is no service that allows you to upload your created collection to the marketplace for sale immediately.


Most competing services only have a desktop version and a mobile adaptation. There are also separate applications in the Apple Store and Google Play, but they don't have a desktop version.


The creation of a collection has the form of a constructor, where all actions are divided into logical steps. At each stage, the user understands what to do, how to return to the previous step, and how much more information to fill in.


On our platform, users can synchronize their accounts from marketplaces such as Opensea, etc., and upload entire collections and individual NFTs directly to the marketplace with just a few clicks.


Our service has both web and mobile applications. The user can start creating a collection from the web platform, then switch to the mobile application and finish the generation. It is possible thanks to automatic saving and synchronization between the desktop and mobile versions.

Research stages

Research process

We analyzed the best competitors in the field of crypto & NFT using a SWOT analysis. We conducted a business analysis to find the best way to implement the features correctly and bring profit to the product.

  • SWOT analysis
  • Business analysis
  • Map
  • User Flow
JoCreate – Application for creating NFT collections - Website Development - Photo 6
Stage 1
SWOT Analysis

The main goal of the SWOT analysis for this platform was to identify the weaknesses of competing platforms and turn them into our strengths.

What we did 

During the SWOT analysis, we found the following problems:

  • Confusing interface, no onboarding for new users
  • Limited functionality, only NFTs and collections can be created
  • There is either a web platform or an application

So we were able to optimize the builder and add such important and unique features as synchronization with the most popular marketplaces, tracking the statistics of your collections and profiles in one place, generating in the form of a constructor, linking your crypto wallets to withdraw funds from marketplaces, web and mobile applications with autosaving.

JoCreate – Application for creating NFT collections - Website Development - Photo 7
Stage 2
Business Analysis

The main goal of the BA for this platform was to describe the functionality through the user story and documentation of each function, through:

  • Analysis of the domain
  • Identifying current problems and their solutions
  • Recommendations and advice on how to implement the solution
  • Prioritized feature list
What we did

During the BA, we explained to the client the characteristics of the solutions we had collected and outlined their benefits and risks.

  • Initially, it was decided to implement the platform’s main feature – the collection constructor. For the MVP, we developed the generation of images and 3D objects. Then we added video and audio collections.
  • Our next priority was to integrate the service with the NFT marketplaces. First, we synchronized Opensea and Binance NFT. Then we added Magic Eden, Rarible, and Coinbase NFT.
  • The lowest priority feature was the dark theme, which is very much in demand and essential in the modern world. Due to the fact that our team always works with components and styles in the UI stage, this feature was implemented very quickly and without any problems.
Stage 3

Based on our client’s data and the results of our research, we created an informational architecture for the platform.

Through a series of iterations and deeper dive exploration sessions, we clarified the vision for the application, allowing us to work through the details together, including integration of NFT marketplaces with our platform for instant upload of generated collections, synchronized analytics, and statistics on collections and NFTs, the constructor for 4 types of assets. As a result, we arrived at seven main flows that we continued to develop: authorization, onboarding, collection constructor, uploading a collection to the marketplace, analyzing and viewing statistics, connecting crypto wallets, and withdrawing funds.

JoCreate – Application for creating NFT collections - Website Development - Photo 8
Stage 4
User flow

User flow is a visual representation of the sequence of actions the user takes to achieve their goal. Our team built future steps and continued working on the interface to determine how users achieve the goal, calculating positive and negative scenarios. The diagram below shows how easy the constructor is to use. There are clear steps, the collection can be previewed at any stage, and once created, it can be uploaded to the marketplace in a few clicks.

JoCreate – Application for creating NFT collections - Website Development - Photo 9
Design stages


Turn the analysis results into a user-friendly interface that follows good usability rules, solves users’ needs, and makes their journey as smooth as possible.

  • Wireframe
  • Moodboard
  • Design Concept
  • UI Design
Stage 1

We created wireframes and clickable prototypes as an integral part of working on the design structure, testing and improving the user journey before moving on to the final mockup design.

This stage helped us understand the logic and structure of the future service. We created and approved prototypes for each flow, working out all possible states for each screen, deciding on the size and number of containers for illustrations, and checking the usability and clarity of each flow.

JoCreate – Application for creating NFT collections - Website Development - Photo 10
JoCreate – Application for creating NFT collections - Website Development - Photo 11
Stage 2
Moodboard & Design Concept

To determine the visual direction and style of the interface, our team created a mood board and coordinated it with the client. It allowed us to choose the most appropriate solution at the earliest stage.

Based on the research and the direction chosen in the mood board, our team created the first visual concept of the site, which demonstrated the chosen style in real conditions before creating the finished UI design. The mood board helped us decide that the platform should be in light pastel colors, with an emphasis on typography and muted color accents, minimalist line icons, and illustrations.

Stage 3
UI Design

The main color for the interface was chosen to be a pastel beige so that it doesn’t distract from important information and doesn’t overload the design, in addition to the bright NFT assets. We chose a specific color for each step in the process of creating a collection and uploading it to the marketplace, which is associated only with that step. The general style is in the form of cards, which resembles an NFT asset.

JoCreate – Application for creating NFT collections - Website Development - Photo 14
Features we implemented

The process of creating and selling NFT collections is a new technology and not immediately clear to everyone. Therefore, we created a nice and understandable onboarding that describes the process. In addition, the user is guided through the application with hints and tutorials, improving the user experience and helping to achieve goals in the interface faster.

JoCreate – Application for creating NFT collections - Website Development - Photo 15
Synchronized analytics

By synchronizing with different marketplaces, users can track all the statistics for their collections, NFT assets, and profile through our platform. On the Dashboard tab, they can follow their NFT transactions and track the conversion for each collection (viewed, purchased, favorited, collected). And with a premium subscription, they can even compare analytics from different marketplaces for the same collection / NFT.

JoCreate – Application for creating NFT collections - Website Development - Photo 16
Add any layers

Users can add up to 30 different layers to a collection. They can choose from the most popular layers, divided into 4 categories (characters, plant life, inanimate objects, abstraction), or add their own (if they did not find one in the list). When adding your layer, you can choose any icon available on the platform or upload your own.

JoCreate – Application for creating NFT collections - Website Development - Photo 17
Setting Properties

In the final step of creating a collection, the user must specify properties for each layer added. At this stage, he can remove the unnecessary layer if he changes his mind about adding it to the collection. The order of layers can be easily changed by dragging and swapping the desired layers. When adding images to a layer, you need to set the rarity for each added object and the whole layer.

JoCreate – Application for creating NFT collections - Website Development - Photo 18
Setting the Price

Since the collection upload is synchronized with the NFT marketplaces, when setting the price for NFT objects, the user can choose from the available blockchains and payment tokens (for example, Opensea has only 2 available blockchains - Ethereum and Polygon). Also, at this stage, you can remove the NFT from the collection if you change your mind about uploading it, so you don't have to return to the first step (NFT selection).

JoCreate – Application for creating NFT collections - Website Development - Photo 19
Advanced NFT Settings

The price for each NFT is set separately. You can choose a fixed price or a timed auction. The settings change depending on the option selected. The user can also set a fixed duration, reserve the NFT for a specific buyer, and set a separate commission for each asset.

JoCreate – Application for creating NFT collections - Website Development - Photo 20
Work continues on new features
Additional content types

Our team is currently working on adding 2 new content types - virtual worlds and domain names - to attract even more talented people and companies to our platform.

Dedicated Marketplace

We plan to develop our marketplace so users can sell collections and NFTs directly on our platform via 3 blockchains (Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Polygon).

The platform's NFT collection

Our design team is creating the platform's collection of NFTs - animated 2D heroes that will be sold on our platform and third-party services.


The team created a thoughtful, straightforward design that helped the client make a name for itself in the crypto & NFT market.

  • The platform gained over 40,000 users in less than half a year.
  • 56% of surveyed users say that the process of creating a collection on our platform is much clearer and easier than on other platforms.
  • The company has already received more than $500K in investment due to its recognition and rapid growth in the market.
  • Customers and our team are getting a lot of positive feedback from the audience about the visual style and functionality of the platform.

We are very grateful to JoCreate for their confidence in our services, and our team is happy to be an important part of such an ambitious product!


At least people have signed up for a premium subscription in the last month.


JoCreate has reached 40,000 platform users!


The investment received after MVP presentation.


Collections created on the platform range from images to 3D objects.

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