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CoinTax – Web App Promo Website

CoinTax – Web App Promo Website - Website Development - Photo 1

CoinTax: Unleash the crypto tax revolution

The CoinTax web promo site is meticulously crafted to effectively showcase and promote the features of the CoinTax application. Our goal was to create a visually appealing and informative platform that instills confidence and attracts users. Highlighting the key advantages and functionalities of CoinTax, we employed interactive and animated elements for a user-friendly experience.



Innovations Inc.

  • Discovery
  • UX Wireframing
  • UI Designs
Business need

Client request

The client sought a website that distinctly communicates the core benefits of the CoinTax app, including cryptocurrency transaction tracking, tax reporting, and an intuitive interface. Emphasizing simplicity and clarity, the client desired interactive elements to effectively engage users. The visual style of CoinTax app was to be integrated into the web design for a cohesive brand experience.

Our role

We meticulously aligned our design strategy with client preferences and performed an in-depth market analysis to emphasize the unique selling proposition.

Specializing in wireframing, UI design, and the discovery phase, our team incorporated animations and interactive features to make information accessible. In selecting a unified color scheme—melding dark and light blocks—we aimed for visual diversity, a modern aesthetic, and optimal readability, catering to UI/UX principles. This approach resulted in a compelling promo site, strategically crafted to showcase CoinTax’s distinctive features and deliver an engaging, user-centric experience.

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Problems & solutions

Competitors often provide brief and unclear presentations of their app functionalities.


Competitors rely heavily on textual information, making it overwhelming for users to find relevant details.


Existing promo sites lacked a personalized touch, making it challenging for users to connect with the brand on a deeper level.


We used animated sequences showcasing the app's key functionalities to offer users a clear visualization of the CoinTax experience.


Minimizing text, we implemented a concise header system and employed interactive elements and animations to enhance user engagement, simplifying information retrieval and presentation.


We incorporated relatable visuals and user testimonials, creating a more personalized narrative that resonates with potential users, establishing a stronger brand connection.

Research stages

Research process

Our research process for CoinTax involved a comprehensive examination, including competitor analysis and a detailed customer briefing, aligning closely with the application’s features and overarching goals.

By strategically delving into each research phase, we meticulously crafted the website’s structure to effectively showcase the critical aspects of CoinTax, aiming to position it as a leading and unparalleled solution in the market.

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • Structure Mapping
CoinTax – Web App Promo Website - Website Development - Photo 5
Stage 1

Competitor Analysis

In the initial phase, our focus was not only on understanding the strengths and weaknesses of competitors but, more importantly, on identifying and alleviating the pain points experienced by our target audience. By dissecting the competitors’ promotional websites, we honed in on areas where users might encounter difficulties or uncertainties.

What we’ve done

Our Competitor Analysis was not confined to market assessment; it was about empathizing with users and crafting solutions to their challenges. By understanding and resolving pain points, we’ve developed a promotional website that excels in delivering a user-centric experience in the complex landscape of cryptocurrency tax management.

Stage 2

Product Analysis

In our meticulous product analysis and subsequent implementation for CoinTax’s website, our primary goal was to present the application’s features with precision and clarity. This strategic approach aimed to create a purposeful and engaging online platform.

We strategically emphasized key features, such as crypto tracking, tax assessments, and global regulation compliance, based on an in-depth product analysis. This emphasis was pivotal in shaping the user experience on the website.

What we’ve done

The website became a comprehensive showcase of CoinTax’s capabilities. Every element was designed to highlight essential features, providing visitors with a clear and insightful understanding of the application’s vast potential.

The outcome is a purpose-driven website that effectively communicates CoinTax’s capabilities. It serves as a professional and informative online tool, guiding users through the complexities of cryptocurrency tax management with clarity and confidence.

CoinTax – Web App Promo Website - Website Development - Photo 8
Stage 3

Website Structure Mapping

Our UI/UX-centric approach extended to the meticulous mapping of the website structure. By aligning with current market trends and considering competitors’ methods, we sought to create an optimal structure that facilitates a smooth flow of information.

From identifying key sections to strategically sequencing blocks, every decision was made with the user’s journey in mind. This approach ensures that users encounter meaningful information, fostering engagement and facilitating an informed decision-making process.

In essence, our approach to Competitor Analysis, Product Analysis, and Website Structure Mapping is rooted in strategic thinking and user-centric design principles. By drawing insights from successful competitors, translating intricate functionalities into intuitive interfaces, and optimizing the website structure, we’ve crafted a CoinTax platform that not only informs but guides users through a seamless and engaging journey in the realm of cryptocurrency tax management.

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Design stages


In the design phase, we seamlessly transitioned from analysis to execution, focusing on creating a user-friendly interface for the CoinTax Promo site. This involved meticulous planning of the interface layout, strategic element placement, and the development of a comprehensive animation storyboard.

  • Wireframe
  • Moodboard
  • Design Concept
  • UI Design
Stage 1


As the foundational phase in CoinTax’s website development, wireframes lay the groundwork for subsequent design steps. Prioritizing structure, functionality, and user interaction, this stage ensures the evolution of the website into a cohesive, purposeful, and user-centric platform tailored to CoinTax’s unique requirements.

The wireframing process is instrumental in capturing the essence of CoinTax’s functional dynamics. It maps out the core components that contribute to an efficient and effective user journey, from initial interaction to task completion.

CoinTax – Web App Promo Website - Website Development - Photo 10
CoinTax – Web App Promo Website - Website Development - Photo 11
Stage 2

Moodboard & Design Concept

Drawing inspiration from CoinTax’s distinctive app, we crafted a unified visual identity that seamlessly connected the promotional website with the app’s aesthetic. The adaptation of interface elements, color schemes, and symbolism created a cohesive visual style, establishing an engaging and consistent look for the entire platform.

Stage 3

UI Design

Focusing on delivering a seamless and user-friendly experience, our design prioritizes clarity and accessibility for all users.

The strategic use of design tokens for style naming and the development of reusable components fosters effective collaboration between our design team and developers. This systematic approach not only organizes design elements but also accelerates front-end development, leading to substantial time and effort savings.

To enhance design consistency and efficiency, we have consolidated all styles and components into a comprehensive design system. This unified repository serves as a centralized hub for assets, streamlining the design process and ensuring a cohesive visual identity across the entire CoinTax platform.

CoinTax – Web App Promo Website - Website Development - Photo 12

We meticulously designed a clear and impactful page structure, ensuring each block delivers distinct value to CoinTax users. Incorporating interactive elements and animations, we made information engaging and easily understandable.

Our team engineered a fully adaptive design, ensuring optimal display and functionality across all devices. We focused on creating a superior user interface that effectively communicates CoinTax app benefits.

We’re grateful to CoinTax for the trust and the opportunity to contribute to this project. Working on CoinTax has been inspiring, and we take pride in advancing technology and facilitating seamless cryptocurrency tax management.


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