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Saifast – promo website for Logistic platform

Saifast – promo website for Logistic platform - Website Development - Photo 1

The site aims to effectively introduce and promote the Saifast logistics platform

Our dedicated team worked to craft an engaging and informative promo site for Saifast, a logistics company, designed to build trust and captivate users. We showcased the platform’s key benefits and features, highlighted its distinct advantages, and illustrated data presentation through interactive and animated elements for an intuitive experience.


Saifast LLC

  • UX-research
  • Wireframing
  • UI Designs
Saifast – promo website for Logistic platform - Website Development - Photo 2
Business need

Client request

The client’s goal was to create a website that effectively communicates Saifast’s core advantages, including streamlined logistics, real-time tracking, and user-friendly interfaces. They desired a simple, clear presentation using interactive and animated features to engage users while maintaining the visual coherence of the Saifast platform. The aim was to offer a unified and consistent visual experience across the promo site, aligning with Saifast’s branding.

Our role

We paid close attention to the client’s wishes and thoroughly studied the market, resulting in a design that highlights Saifast’s unique strengths. By using interactive elements and animations, we made sure that information is presented in a straightforward and engaging manner. The outcome is a user-friendly promotional website that effectively introduces the exceptional features of Saifast’s advanced logistics platform.

Problems & solutions

When we analyzed the competition, we found that it was difficult to quickly understand the benefits and features of a complex product like Saifast on websites. This led to confusion and bounce rates.


We also analyzed the competition and found that the customer was not making enough use of the seamless integration of interactive elements. This resulted in a static and less engaging user experience.


We designed website's layout with clear and concise messaging, intuitive navigation, and prominent calls-to-action. We also highlighted key features and advantages on the homepage for instant user understanding.


We incorporated dynamic features such as animations and interactive demos to enhance user engagement and understanding.

Research stages

Research process

We carried out in-depth research into the competition and held discussions with customers. This enabled us to define the primary and secondary objectives of the Saifast site, taking into account the platform’s key features.

This thorough research laid the foundation for a website structure and content block functionality that prioritizes usability and clarity. By optimizing the presentation of crucial application aspects, we ensured a user-friendly experience that left no room for confusion. Our approach aimed to instill confidence in users, effectively conveying that Saifast is the epitome of usability and clarity, making it the top and unparalleled choice in the market.

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • Mapping
Stage 1

Product analysis

During the product analysis phase, we gained an in-depth understanding of the product, its intricate details, and benefits. This understanding allowed us to showcase all of its strengths on the promotional site, effectively highlighting the benefits of its functionalities.

What we’ve done

When crafting the Saifast website, we kept these functional aspects in mind to ensure users get a comprehensive understanding of the admin panel’s advantages. We strategically prioritized these features visually, making them user-friendly and accessible.

Consequently, our website design offers an intuitive and efficient way to communicate Saifast’s platform functionality. Our goal was to create an appealing and user-friendly interface that swiftly acquaints users with the platform’s benefits and features, inspiring them to use Saifast for logistics management. It was a significant advantage that we also developed the Saifast platform, as we are well-acquainted with it and aware of the necessary features to highlight.

Saifast – promo website for Logistic platform - Website Development - Photo 5
Stage 2

Competitor analysis

The aim of conducting a competitor analysis is to systematically examine promotional websites related to admin panels. This process aids in identifying and evaluating their strengths and weaknesses within the market landscape. Special emphasis is placed on how these websites showcase functionalities of platforms, their distinctive selling points, and overall market positioning.

What we’ve done

In our research, we purposefully selected premier promotional websites rather than confining our scope solely to logistic admin panel sites. This strategic choice was driven by the distinct functionality of our app. Our objective was to gain insights into how competitors showcase their offerings, elucidate benefits and functionalities, and strategically position themselves in the market.

During our research, we came to understand the vital importance of conveying information in a brief and clear manner, steering clear of lengthy explanations. Equally essential is the ability to captivate the user’s interest right from the very first section. Also, we deduced that utilising interactive elements and animations to illustrate the app’s capabilities emerged as the optimal solution for conveying information quickly and clearly.

Studying the client’s competitors gave us lots of helpful ideas. We learned better ways to show our product and used this knowledge to improve our website design. This made it easier for us to explain what makes Saifast special and keep users interested.

Saifast – promo website for Logistic platform - Website Development - Photo 6
Stage 3


The development of the website and landing page structure was a key phase of the project, requiring an in-depth analysis of Saifast’s capabilities, concurrent market trends, and competitors’ presentation strategies. Our team carefully considered multiple variables, including user objectives and expectations, to design an optimal structure that effectively communicates the value and benefits of the Saifast platform. In the process of designing this structure, great care was also taken to ensure seamless site navigation, an essential factor.

What we’ve done

Firstly, we identified key sections crucial for the Saifast website, ensuring comprehensive coverage of essential details. These sections encompassed topics such as platform benefits, functionalities, analytics, management capabilities, and shipment creation.

Secondary, we strategically sequenced these sections, enabling a logical and step-by-step presentation of information. By strategically placing the most pivotal and attention-grabbing segments at the outset of the page, we aimed to immediately engage users.

In each segment, we emphasized the value and advantages to users, highlighting the platform’s standout features and unique selling points. Our goal was to vividly demonstrate how Saifast simplifies tasks and enhances logistic management. The page and site structure were meticulously designed to deliver meaningful insights and user value, offering an informative, visually appealing, and easily understandable website. This approach allows users to access comprehensive details about the Saifast app for well-informed decisions

Saifast – promo website for Logistic platform - Website Development - Photo 7
Design stages


After establishing a strong analytical foundation, we transition to crafting a user-friendly interface for the website. During this phase, we determine the visual appearance of the interface, arrange elements, develop a clickable prototype, and define the design style.

  • Wireframe
  • Moodboard
  • Design Concept
  • UI Design
Stage 1


Wireframes play a crucial role in website design as they offer an initial sketch of the website’s layout and functionality. The key aim of wireframes is to offer a fundamental understanding of the website’s operation without delving into intricate details and styling. This process also helped us in pinpointing effective ways to communicate vital information without overwhelming the interface and allowed us to refine all interactive and animated components.

Saifast – promo website for Logistic platform - Website Development - Photo 8
Saifast – promo website for Logistic platform - Website Development - Photo 9
Stage 2

Moodboard & Design Concept

We used the simple and clear visual style from the Admin panel itself to make sure the website and platform looked the same. We adjusted the colors, symbols, and design elements to fit well on the web.

This approach resulted in a visual style that matched the Admin panel’s essence, giving the promo website a consistent and appealing appearance.

Stage 3

UI Design

When developing the user interface for Saifast, we aimed for several key objectives.

Firstly, our goal was to create a UI that’s straightforward and easy to use, enabling users to navigate and interact with the platform’s features effortlessly. We streamlined navigation and element arrangement, ensuring users can quickly locate the functions they need.

Secondly, our focus was on crafting a visually appealing but at the same time simple and clear design that mirrors Saifast’s unique strengths. We integrated modern design elements to highlight the admin panel’s sense of progress, ease of use and innovation, while maintaining a more subdued overall aesthetic of Saifast platform.

Lastly, we ensured the design is fully adaptable, guaranteeing seamless performance and display across diverse devices and screens. We took various screen sizes and orientations into account, ensuring users can access Saifast’s features with equal convenience on any device.

Our work resulted in a user interface that blends seamlessly, combining user-friendliness, contemporary visuals, and adaptability to ensure a top-notch user experience.

Saifast – promo website for Logistic platform - Website Development - Photo 12

We established a straightforward and efficient page structure, where each section holds meaningful value for users. Through interactive elements and animations, we transformed information presentation into an engaging and easily comprehensible experience.

Additionally, we strategically highlighted platform functionalities on the website to create a compelling user experience that effectively communicates the app’s benefits and features. Our team diligently aimed to create a superior user interface, effectively conveying the merits and functionalities of the Saifast platform.

We extend our gratitude to our valued clients for their trust and for allowing us to be part of this significant project. The journey with Saifast has been truly inspiring, and we take pride in contributing to technological advancement in Logistic sphere


Increase in User Engagement


Visits in the First Month


Boost in Social Media Engagement


Decrease in Bounce Rate

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