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BOOST – Income tracker mobile app for freelancers

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Boost is a money management tool for Side Hustlers

Boost is an accounting tool for the next generation. It helps to understand side hustlers’ cash flow and make data-driven decisions so they can pursue what they want, how they want, and build their legacy.



  • Research
  • Wireframing
  • UI design
In details

With Boost, you run your freelance business like a boss


Our main task was to create a convenient and understandable application that will allow users to track their income and expenses in one place. No matter how many side hustles or clients the user has, they should be able to categorize and track the money they get and spend in a way that makes sense.


The main pain point for side hustlers was the problem that they didn’t know how much money they earned from a particular job or for what they spent it. After conducting deep research among the competitors, the market, and tens of interviews with potential users, we came to the conclusion that we needed to have the following features in the app:
– Categorization of incomes and expenses
– Nice and informative way of checking reports and analytics
– Invoices that side hustlers will be able to send to their clients
– Calculator of possible earnings and forecast
– Goals setting
Having all of the above, side hustlers will not only be able to track their money easily but also they will have a helping hand in increasing their income.

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Working progress

Interaction with the app helps to calculate income and foresee possible earnings


We analyzed other similar mobile applications and realized that almost none of them let users foresee their income if they spend more or less time doing a particular side hustle. Here we give side hustlers freedom in managing their time and selecting what side hustle is worth paying more attention to.

Another thing that was worth to be added to the application according to the research was saving goals setting. Goals can be selected from the pre-defined list or users can create their own ones. It is not a secret that people aim to achieve their goals more if they see them in front of their eyes. The Boost app helps to track the progress of the goal at any time.

No more terrible accounting 

There are a lot of features in the application, which at first may seem complicated, but thanks to well-known patterns, modern stickers, and fun interactions, we’ve managed to create an environment that would be easy to understand, navigate and operate with.

We did our best to make sure that side hustlers of the new generation would feel comfortable using the Boost app and they would not experience fear when facing accounting.


It’s never been easier to get insights about personal finances

A card-based design with bright accents, stickers, and modern typography presents information in a fun and digestible way. Interactive stories instead of long boring reports make the experience much more interesting and dynamic.

Boost makes users forget about old-school accounting and brings them a new experience that fits the new generation’s needs.


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