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UVER – Promo website for mobile application

UVER – Promo website for mobile application - Website Development - Photo 1

A digital touchpoint to introduce a modern university search app

Our primary goal was to create an engaging and informative online space that would not only generate excitement for the upcoming launch but also elucidate the application’s core functionalities and benefits. The site serves to educate potential users about UVER’s ability to streamline the often complex and overwhelming process of finding and applying to colleges.



  • Discovery
  • Wireframing
  • UI Design
  • Mobile Version
UVER – Promo website for mobile application - Website Development - Photo 2
Business need

Client request

The client requested a promotional website for the UVER app, designed to attract early users and introduce the app’s university search and application features.

The brief highlighted the need for a user-friendly interface and a responsive design that adapts to multiple devices. It also emphasized clear communication of the app’s benefits. Additionally, the brief required the inclusion of testimonials and SEO-optimized content to enhance trust and visibility, all while maintaining alignment with the UVER brand identity.

Our role

Our role in the project was to design and develop the promotional website for the UVER app, focusing on user experience, visual design, content creation, and technical development to ensure the site effectively communicated the app’s value proposition and encouraged early adoption.

UVER – Promo website for mobile application - Website Development - Photo 3
Problems & solutions

Lack of differentiation in product positioning. A lot of companies emphasize a broad range of features without a clear unique selling proposition (USP), making it difficult for users to distinguish one app from another in terms of functionality and benefits.


Competitors focus more on the quantity of features rather than tailoring them to meet specific user needs. This results in complex, feature-heavy apps that overwhelm potential users, particularly those new to university search and application processes.


Phenomenon focused on developing and highlighting a unique selling proposition. We identified key features and services that were either unique to UVER or significantly better than competitors'. The promotional website needed to prominently feature the USP, making it clear why UVER stands out in the crowded market.


We prioritized simplicity and ease of use, ensuring that the most important and frequently used features are front and center. We also utilized the same approach to the content strategy for the website, where clarity and relevance to the user’s goals and needs needed to be emphasized.

Research stages

Research process

In the research phase for the UVER project, our approach included a detailed competitor analysis to identify unique positioning opportunities for UVER, consultations with marketing experts to align with current ed-tech trends, and website mapping to ensure an intuitive and user-friendly site structure. This comprehensive methodology was crucial in developing UVER’s strategic presence in the market.

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Consulting
  • Website Map
Stage 1

Competitor Analysis

The goal of the competitor analysis was to systematically evaluate and understand the offerings, strengths, weaknesses, and strategies of existing websites for university search and application.
This critical step informed our strategy for marketing and website design, ensuring that UVER could effectively stand out in a competitive landscape.

What we’ve done

We conducted an in-depth examination of competing university search and application app websites. This included assessing their features, USPs, marketing strategies, and user reviews. Our goal was to identify gaps in their offerings and areas where UVER could excel or offer something unique.

UVER – Promo website for mobile application - Website Development - Photo 6
Stage 2


We needed to leverage marketing specialists’ expertise in developing a robust and effective marketing strategy.

Their insights were crucial for crafting a marketing approach that not only resonated with potential users but also distinguished UVER in a competitive ed-tech landscape.

What we’ve done

We engaged with marketing experts to gain insights into the latest trends in digital marketing, particularly in the ed-tech sector. This helped us understand the most effective ways of messaging USP to the target audience. The consultants also provided valuable advice on branding, positioning, and customer engagement tactics.

Stage 3


We focused on creating a structured, user-friendly website layout that would enhance user experience and facilitate easy navigation.

UVER – Promo website for mobile application - Website Development - Photo 7
Design stages


In the design phase, our focus was on creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional website that aligned with the app’s branding and user experience goals. We followed a structured approach, beginning with wireframes to outline the basic structure and layout. This progressed to a refined visual design, incorporating interactive elements to ensure a seamless and engaging user experience.

  • Wireframe
  • Moodboard
  • Design Concept
  • UI Design
Stage 1


In the wireframes stage, we crafted basic blueprints of the landing page, focusing on a layout that would support our client’s goals. This involved strategically organizing content and navigation to optimize user engagement and conversion paths, setting a solid foundation for the visual and interactive design elements to follow.

UVER – Promo website for mobile application - Website Development - Photo 8
UVER – Promo website for mobile application - Website Development - Photo 9
Stage 2

Moodboard & Design Concept

We established the visual theme, choosing blue, white, and black as main colors. Blue was selected for its connotations of trust and intelligence, essential in education, while white and black provided clarity and contrast for readability and sophistication. This color scheme was key in shaping the project’s visual identity, aligning with the app’s branding and user engagement goals.

Stage 3

UI Design

This stage was the culmination of previous efforts. We focused on creating a cohesive, user-friendly interface, with special attention to a responsive design that worked seamlessly across all devices, including an optimized mobile version. This stage brought together all the elements to form a visually appealing and practical user interface.

UVER – Promo website for mobile application - Website Development - Photo 12
Features we have implemented
Time Countdown

This feature helps in building excitement among potential users and encourages them to take action, such as signing up for early access or staying engaged with the site. It serves as a constant reminder of the upcoming launch, keeping the app top of mind for visitors.

UVER – Promo website for mobile application - Website Development - Photo 13
Beta Testers Testimonials

Testimonials from beta testers are great helpers to build trust and credibility. These firsthand accounts provide social proof, demonstrating the app's effectiveness and user satisfaction, which can significantly influence potential users' decision to engage with and adopt the app.

UVER – Promo website for mobile application - Website Development - Photo 14

We implemented a partners block on the landing page to enhance credibility and trustworthiness. Showcasing partnerships adds a level of validation and professionalism to the app, reassuring potential users of its legitimacy and value. This can be quite influential for those new users considering the app.

UVER – Promo website for mobile application - Website Development - Photo 15

In summary, the efforts we have invested in this project position us to expect impactful outcomes, thanks to our comprehensive development and marketing strategies.

We’re expecting significant initial engagement, with substantial website traffic projected within the first month after launch. Our targeted user engagement strategies are also expected to generate a considerable number of sign-ups for early access to the app.


unique visitors expected to be attracted within the first 3 months post-launch


aimed goal of engagement rate

4.5 out of 5

potential user rating in app stores within the first 6 months


users expected to be signed up for an account or early access within the first 60 days.

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