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Ucked – branding & mobile app


A party game that doesn't fucking suck

Ucked is a mobile game for bringing groups of people closer together through roasts and jokes. The game is fun, breaks the ice with new groups, and brings existing groups closer together. In the future, it is planned to launch an alcohol brand.



  • UI design
  • 3D illustrations
  • Motion design
  • Branding
Ucked – branding & mobile app - Website Development - Photo 1
In details


Having conducted UX-Audit, your team found plenty of gaps that needed deeper examination and more work. We spent hours researching best practices, studying user interviews, and discussing what kind of solutions would be optimal for this product.

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Working process

Brand identity

Logo idea

The logo is presented in massive bold type. He has a powerful and brutal character that perfectly reflects the nature of youth and parties. The squashed letters convey the state of a drunken party and fucked up people. The main version of the logo is a one-line version, but there are also more compact two-line versions, with right and left alignment. They are secondary to use.

Main colors

There are two primary colors in the corporate style – Black and White. Black and white are text colors and backgrounds (white text on black and vice versa). There are also three complementary colors – 2 shades of gray and neon yellow. Gray color can be used in small quantities for various icons, auxiliary elements, and text. Neon Yellow is also used sparingly for icons, additional elements, and text, but as an accent color.

Font styles

Cabinet Grotesk is a family of contemporary fonts. In terms of design, Cabinet Grotesk is a sans; however, its letters feature the kind of stroke contrast that sets them apart from other sans serifs.


Alcohol brand

We have developed a minimalistic, functional design that succinctly meets the concept and distinguishes the product from other alcohol because of it’s unique, consistent and catchy design.

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A mascot is an effective way to communicate with the target audience, demonstrating the core values and mood of the brand.
We have created four separate characters that show and help each player express themselves, perfectly connects with a global brand style and become a powerful brand visual.

Ucked – branding & mobile app - Website Development - Photo 12


Merch helps to make the idea, mood and values of the brand more visible, recognizable and catchy. We have designed a collection of apparel items that will help the brand promote itself in the real world, and give fans the opportunity to support the product.

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Social media

Social media is a powerful tool for the promotion of a brand. We understand it’s potential, which is why it was very important for us to develop a consistent visual style for social media that reflects the brand’s general style.
The result speaks to the target audience in a catchy, bold and effective way.

Ucked – branding & mobile app - Website Development - Photo 16
UX/UI Design

Mobile App

The main challenge of the project was to create a stylish, attractive, and outstanding design for the party game. Based on the brand guidelines, we created a minimalistic design with crazy custom 3D characters, that convey the atmosphere of fun during the party with your friends.
After playtesting the live version of the game our client got great feedback on all the designs and work our team did.

Now we have unified branding assets, making us look special compared to the brands with ordinary visuals.

Ucked has become the project that allowed us to apply the best practices of user interaction, improve current flows and add new features which both users and the app would benefit from. And what’s even more important, we’ve become a part of something great that helps people be happier, more sensible, and more understanding.





Brand Assets





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