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Sinport – Singapore Airport navigation app

Sinport – Singapore Airport navigation app - Website Development - Photo 1

Sinport Navigator is a mobile app for navigating around Singapore Airport

It is the first app in a series for a startup from Singapore that is pushing the idea of creating such apps for all the complex and confusing airports of the world. It starts with an airport in Singapore, as the startup is originally from that city. The app can navigate the airport, explore an interactive airport map, and search for airport facilities/stores, their ratings, and prices. Here the user can find boarding gates, view online flight boards, use additional airport services, book airport transfers, hotels, car rentals, etc.


APNAVS, Singapore

  • Research
  • Wireframing
  • UI design
In details

Sinport creates comfort for travelers at Singapore airport


Our main task was to create a user-friendly and clear interface that would help the user navigate the airport, as Singapore airport is one of the largest in the world, and it has been using only offline navigation all this time. Our challenge was that the Platform should help the user easily find the necessary places in the airport’s large infrastructure and use the airport’s services.


According to our research, our target users usually need help navigating the airfield using signage and existing maps and finding the services they need. That’s why we faced the task of combining the airport map and all the services users need and putting them into a single application. So we decided to put some of the most important services and departure schedules on the app’s main screen, as this is the most important thing at the airport. Also, with the tab bar, the user can get quick access to the map, the full list of services, and the full schedule.

Sinport – Singapore Airport navigation app - Website Development - Photo 5
Working process

A well-designed structure is the basis of a scalable application

Informational architecture

The information structure is the DNA of the project. What we create at this stage determines the existence of the project and all its subsequent incarnations for years to come. For this reason, after conducting all the necessary research at the initial stage of the project, we developed the information architecture.

Sinport – Singapore Airport navigation app - Website Development - Photo 6

So, after the information architecture design phase, we developed wireframes for all application screens to visualize the site map for clearer and easier perception. We also did some preliminary user testing with Wireframes.

Working process

We have developed a very convenient and user-friendly product


Once the user enters the application, on the main screen, he can select quick actions, such as car rental, hotel searching, luggage helping, and others. The user can search and navigate the airport by clicking on the map tab. Here he can search for stores, gates, resting places, etc. Another important function of the airport is the ability to view a list of departures with their time and receive notification of their flight.


Sinport is a faithful assistant to both experienced travelers and those who are just starting their journey

We’ve created a mobile app that helps people easily get to their desired destination, take advantage of the full range of services, explore reviews of locations, and self-assess businesses. Our client successfully obtained funding for his startup and began product development. After completing the design, we also conducted several user tests, which confirmed our initial hypotheses.

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