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Kollo – Financial mobile app

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A modern and innovative mobile application for the savings, and control of finances

We’ve developed an MVP version of the application that helps US residents manage their budget, monitor their funds, make recurring payments, and accumulate money using unique savings programs.



  • Research
  • Wireframing
  • UI design
  • Branding
  • 2D illustrations
In detail

Project covers these fundamental steps of experience


The client has set forth several main objectives. Users should have access to manage all their funds through a single application, the application should teach users how to accumulate money more efficiently, and make the expenses more transparent.


While we worked on the solution, we had to take into account the specifics of the US market with its large number of competitors and high entry bar. Therefore, we started with defining clear milestones for the product, which functions we will start with, and what will be the key features that will make users love this app. We have offered several ways of monetization and suggested 3 versions of the application.

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Working process

The first and most important step is to put yourself in the user's shoes and show empathy for them.

UX Research

The target audience of the Kollo app is the US residents who either have been living there for a long time or have just arrived and don’t understand how the financial system works in the States. During the research, we figured out the main pains and goals of users, and also compiled user stories and job stories, which allowed us to determine hypothetical motivations. 

User flow

We have done a complete user flow structure for all our types of users and how they will interact with our entire product. This is one of the most important steps before the wireframing part.


Before creating the visual concept, we completely created the wireframes of the main user flow in order to focus on the functionality and solve the user’s pains, without being distracted by the shape or color of the UI elements

UI Design

Once we’ve built the entire information architecture of the application and approved its wireframes, we proceeded to the visual design. Working on visual solutions, we used a simple and modern font, Proxima nova, which reflects purity and clarity that complements our concept of transparency in managing your own budget. Also, we used juicy, clean, and modern colors to highlight the main fixtures of the app.


A ready-made design solution for a financial monitoring application for US residents and non-residents.

As a result, we have developed a unique application with personalized strategies for budget-saving, which will allow future users to significantly increase the growth of their savings and teach them to understand how finance works even better. Moreover, we have added an analytics feature set and an option of recurring payments, which will significantly reduce most people’s troubles. To make it easier for the user to track their finances in one place, we offered integration with a popular service in the United States for attaching bank accounts, which added transparency to their everyday life.







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