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Ectopanel – Solar panels control mobile app

Ectopanel – Solar panels control mobile app - Website Development - Photo 1

Getting Electricity in an Environmentally- Friendly Way

To get electricity in the usual way, people need to spend a lot of land resources, but our customers offer the best solution. Ectopanel – a company that sells solar panels to store electricity. We were to create an application to manage and monitor the work of these batteries.



  • Research
  • Wireframing
  • UI design
  • Interactive Prototyping
In detail

People need to Conveniently Manage and Monitor Panel Performance


Our main task was to create a mobile application where people can see installed panels, their statuses and the ability to change panel settings. But, also one of the advantages of the application is that you can sell the accumulated electricity to the government, which is later distributed throughout the district.


Analyzing the target audience and the competitor of the service, we realized that in similar applications, users are usually provided with a large amount of data on the panel, but many of them aren’t necessary for the user. Therefore, our solution was to make the display of installed panels, their main data, and settings management as easy and simple as possible:

  • Installed panels. We have provided a clear list of installed panels where the user can change the view of the list and filter it. They also indicated two main indicators: battery charge and the amount of accumulated electricity.
  • Analytics on the panel. The user can go to the detailed page of the panel to see the status, analytics, system, where the main collection of understandable and necessary information is displayed. We have displayed the data using widgets so that it is convenient and quick for the user to read them.
  • Panel control. We have made it possible for the user to control the panel and see all the places where it is installed (for example: roof, garage, etc.). With an interactive overview of the installed panel, the user can quickly change settings and apply them to the panel. This way, the user can get only the necessary information and change the panel settings when needed.


Thus, the user can get only the necessary information and change the panel settings if necessary.

Ectopanel – Solar panels control mobile app - Website Development - Photo 5
Working progress

The Ability to Sell Electricity Provides even More Opportunities


The process of selling electricity occurs after the user has accumulated some extra part of the electricity and he has the opportunity to sell it to the government. After buying this electricity, the government distributes it to the people in the area. The sales process can take place in different ways:

  • Manually. The user sells a certain amount of electricity to the general market and government buy it at the market price.
  • Address. The user can share the email address of his panel, which will be automatically contacted by the electrician after accepting the offer. This is usually needed to transfer the address to a specific branch of the state.
  • Auto. The user specifies the amount of electricity, the time and the market price, and then the system will automatically post the offer at the specified time. After selling electricity, the user can easily withdraw money from the wallet.

The process of selling electricity is a new technology and is not immediately clear to everyone. Therefore, we decided to make a beautiful and understandable onboarding, which describes the sales process. Also, the user is accompanied by hints and tutorials while using the application, improving the user experience and helping to achieve goals in the interface faster.


Accumulation of Electricity and Management of Installed Batteries has become Simplier

We were happy to take part in the development of the application and contribute to the development of the electric power industry. Thanks to the application, users will be able to track and manage battery data in a beautiful and understandable way, as well as sell the accumulated electricity, helping other people.

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