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CoinTax – crypto tax reporting tool

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CoinTax: Unleash the crypto tax revolution

As countries progressively legalize cryptocurrencies, the obligation to pay income taxes on crypto gains becomes paramount. CoinTax is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency tax reporting tool poised to revolutionize how individuals, businesses, and organizations manage their crypto tax obligations.

CoinTax, a web-based platform, offers seamless and automated tax calculations, simplifying the intricate landscape of cryptocurrency tax reporting. Whether you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast, investor, or corporation, CoinTax stands as your comprehensive solution for efficient and accurate crypto tax management in an evolving regulatory landscape.


CryptoTech Innovations Inc.

  • Discovery
  • UX Wireframing
  • Clickable Prototypes
  • UI Designs
Business need

Client request

The Crypto Tax Reporting Tool project was initiated in response to the growing demand among cryptocurrency investors, traders, and organizations for a simplified and efficient solution to calculate and report cryptocurrency-related tax liabilities. The client, CryptoTech Innovations Inc., sought a web-based tool that could automate tax calculations, generate required tax forms, and offer a seamless integration with cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets.

Our role

In the Crypto Tax Reporting Tool project, our role was to turn CryptoTech Innovations Inc.’s vision into a functional reality.

Throughout the project, regular presentations and in-depth discussions with CryptoTech Innovations Inc. were essential in facilitating a collaborative approach. This approach ensured that the ultimate app design met and exceeded their expectations and requirements.

Problems & solutions

Users face challenges in understanding when and how to pay taxes, causing confusion.


Complex data visualization hinders users' understanding of tax liability data.


Inconsistent user experience across devices leads to frustration and usability issues.


Users encounter errors without clear guidance, resulting in frustration.


To address this, we created a detailed dashboard that visualizes tax obligations clearly and intuitively, ensuring users have a comprehensive view of their tax responsibilities.


Our design team responded by enhancing data visualization with interactive charts and graphs, providing a more user-friendly and comprehensible experience for users dealing with tax information.


We've implemented responsive design principles to ensure a consistent and user-friendly interface on various devices. This enhancement guarantees a smoother and frustration-free experience for users across different platforms.


We improved the user experience by incorporating user-friendly error messages and offering clear instructions for issue resolution. These enhancements minimize user frustration and contribute to a more seamless experience within the platform.

Research stages

Research process

During the research phase, we meticulously followed a comprehensive process to collect invaluable insights and data that served as the bedrock for the design and development of the CoinTax crypto tax reporting tool. This crucial phase allowed us to gain a profound understanding of the crypto tax reporting market, the needs of potential customers, and the essential product requirements for CoinTax.

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Consulting (BA)
  • User Research
  • User Flow
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Stage 1

Competitor Analysis

In the Competitor Analysis phase, our goal was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape in the crypto tax reporting market. We assessed the strengths and weaknesses of existing crypto tax reporting tools and services, their market positioning, and their unique value propositions.

What we’ve done

In our Competitor Analysis, we evaluated the crypto tax reporting market, assessing existing tools, user interfaces, and competitive strengths. This enabled us to identify areas for differentiation in CoinTax.

Stage 2

Business Analysis

The Consult phase, which encompasses Business Analysis, involved close collaboration with CryptoTech Innovations Inc. We delved into their business goals, analyzed the market, and conducted a cost-benefit analysis. This phase helped define the critical functionality and guided us in creating comprehensive documentation to align our efforts with the client’s needs.

What we’ve done

Throughout the Business Analysis phase, our collaboration with CryptoTech Innovations Inc. resulted in a clear definition of their business goals, a thorough market analysis, and the creation of detailed documentation for precise project planning.

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Stage 3

User Research

User Research was a crucial aspect of our research process. Through surveys, interviews, and usability testing, we collected valuable insights into user needs and preferences. This data informed the design and development phases, ensuring CoinTax aligns with user expectations.

Stage 4

User Flow

In the User Flow phase, we focused on creating a seamless and intuitive user experience. We studied user behavior and designed user flows that visualized each step of the user journey, from registration to completing transactions. By identifying potential pain points and areas for optimization, we ensured that CoinTax offers a user-friendly experience.

CoinTax – crypto tax reporting tool - Website Development - Photo 9
Design stages


During the Design Phase, our primary focus was to craft an immersive experience for CoinTax that aligns with its innovative character. As a team, we aimed to transform the intricate domain of crypto tax reporting into a user-friendly, visually engaging platform tailored to our tech-savvy user base.

Our mission was to simplify tax calculations through a thoughtfully designed user interface, ensuring CoinTax’s prominence as the optimal solution for cryptocurrency tax reporting.

  • Wireframe
  • Moodboard
  • Design Concept
  • UI Design
Stage 1


We began by creating wireframes to outline the structure and layout of the CoinTax platform. This foundational step served as the blueprint for the platform’s design and ensured an organized and intuitive user interface.

CoinTax – crypto tax reporting tool - Website Development - Photo 10
CoinTax – crypto tax reporting tool - Website Development - Photo 11
Stage 2


We developed a moodboard to capture the visual and emotional elements that would define CoinTax’s unique design style. This moodboard served as a reference point for the aesthetics and visual identity of the platform.

Stage 3

Design Concept

Our design team explored various design concepts to align with CoinTax’s mission of simplifying cryptocurrency tax reporting. These concepts integrated user-friendly features and visual elements that resonated with our target audience.

CoinTax – crypto tax reporting tool - Website Development - Photo 12
Stage 4

UI Design

Our UI design process for CoinTax was a comprehensive endeavor, involving the creation of a multitude of screens to cover diverse functionalities. Each screen was meticulously crafted to ensure not only aesthetic appeal but also seamless navigation and user interactions.

We delved deep into refining every state, ensuring a consistent and engaging experience for users across various scenarios. Our commitment to accessibility was paramount, with careful consideration given to making the platform usable and inclusive for all.

The result is a rich tapestry of screens that not only reflects the innovative essence of CoinTax but also prioritizes accessibility and user satisfaction.

Features we have implemented
Tax Form Generation

The platform streamlines tax reporting by auto-generating essential forms for individuals, businesses, and organizations in cryptocurrency transactions. Reports cover a range of aspects, from a concise Detailed Report Summary to a deep dive into investment returns with the Capital Gains Report. The Income Report details earnings, the Derivative Trading Report offers insights into trading, and the Transactions Report captures all transaction details. Portfolio management is simplified with the Inventory Report, and the Miscellaneous Report covers additional details.

CoinTax – crypto tax reporting tool - Website Development - Photo 14
Comprehensive transaction analytics

Unlock a wealth of financial insights with CoinTax's Advanced Tax Insights screen. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of your capital gains, losses, and overall income during the tax year. Identify savings opportunities, explore detailed breakdowns of gains and losses, and harness the power of tax loss harvesting. Tailor the information to your needs with a customizable time frame. CoinTax's Advanced Tax Insights screen is your strategic tool for optimizing tax liabilities and making informed financial decisions.

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Detailed transfer history

This feature streamlines user experience by presenting a comprehensive overview of all cryptocurrency transactions in a single table. This feature aggregates transactions from various wallets, providing a consolidated view that simplifies the user's exploration of their transaction history. Whether spanning multiple wallets or originating from a single source, users benefit from the convenience of a centralized record. By isolating this feature, we aim to enhance user efficiency, offering a dedicated space for users to easily navigate through their complete transaction details, promoting transparency and facilitating better-informed financial decisions.

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Work continues on new functionality
Crypto Tax Documentation Library

Access a library of tax documents and resources to simplify the reporting process, saving time and effort in tax preparation.

Enhanced User Support

Receive unparalleled support with enhanced guidance and assistance, ensuring you have the resources and expertise to navigate the world of cryptocurrency taxation confidently.

Customizable Tax Reporting

Tailor your tax reporting to your unique preferences with customizable options, such as like-kind exchanges and tax lot accounting, for optimized tax benefits.

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In conclusion, CoinTax has successfully reimagined cryptocurrency tax reporting. The project’s outcomes include a user-centric platform that simplifies tax reporting, offers comprehensive insights, and ensures financial growth. It enhances efficiency, emphasizes security, and provides essential support. CoinTax’s multi-currency support and simplified tax form generation contribute to a seamless experience, ultimately revolutionizing cryptocurrency tax reporting.


Total cryptocurrency assets under CoinTax's management


Daily active users managing crypto taxes with CoinTax


Accuracy in crypto tax calculations achieved


Cryptocurrencies supported for comprehensive tax reporting

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