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Greenow – Renewable Energy service

Greenow – Renewable Energy service - Website Development - Photo 1

Greenow is a company changing the wind energy

The use of windmills is becoming more and more popular all over the world, as it helps to extract more necessary resources while preserving the ecological environment. Greenow service allows users to understand which wind turbine is best suited to their location and monitor the status of all installed windmills.



  • Research
  • Wireframing
  • UI design
  • Interactive Prototyping
In detail

Provide people with a clear choice of the right windmill


Our main task was to give people the opportunity to choose and order the installation of windmill with the optimal location for their work. And after all the installation work, give the user the opportunity to manage and see the data on the windmill.


When analyzing the target audience and competitors of the service, we realized that the main pain point of people is a misunderstanding of which windwill model to choose and where it is better to install it.

Therefore, we immediately began testing hypotheses and eventually came to the conclusion that people need a simple process for installing a windwill. Our team decided to divide the installation process into 3 steps:

  • Selection of the area from the satellite, where the available installation zones are shown
  • Selection of turbines, where the characteristics of the turbine are shown with the possibility to get acquainted in more detail
  • Delivery and payment.

Thus, the user can quickly determine what and where needs to be installed.

Greenow – Renewable Energy service - Website Development - Photo 5
Working progress

Interaction with the service helps to track the necessary data of windmill


The service allows users to collect information from windmills such as generated electricity, power indicators, various battery indicators, temperatures, etc.

When we analyzed other services, we come to realize that people are not enough to collect useful and understandable information. Therefore, we decided to show analytics through widgets, which allowed us to display only important and accessible information for the user.


The service has a lot of features, which at first may seem huge, but thanks to thoughtful interactive components, it is much easier for the user to interact. Our team worked out a design system and interactive components, like hovers, drags, clicks, and other states that help user navigate the service.

With this, we reduce the user’s time spent on actions to find the desired functionality. In Greenow there is an opportunity to quickly get the right action, while it seems complex.


Controlling windmills has become more accessible and convenient with a beautiful and intuitive interface

We have been able to offer new and more convenient solutions for users to install and monitor windmills. The use of windmills is changing our lives and the environment for the better, and we were happy to contribute to this development.

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