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In Phenomenon team, everyone is phenomenal. United by same goals, vision, and values. Our culture is about creativeness, responsibility, transparency, curiousity, and, of course, ambitions to build things that amaze people, make them owe, and change our life for better. Here's about why we love our work:

Focus on result

We love what we do, but even more we love to see how our
work bring results. We think of the customers of our customers.

Open-minded team

Each of us is curious, eager to excel, never afraid to learn from
our failures or applaud to own winnings.

Flexibility in work

We bet on autonomity and responsibility at work, so we always
ready to discuss your work hours and place.

Your dream atmosphere

The team which goes through thin and thick with you – covers
your back, goes partying, or playing pockers at nights.

Smooth onboarding & support

We have a well-planned onboarding to make transitions easier
for you, regular performance reviews, and individual growth

Never-stoping improvement

We are growing together with corporate courses and meetups,
as well as with learning from outside, visting events, and deepen
our knowledge.

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