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Phenomenon has received newly released Webflow certificates - Photo 0

Phenomenon Studio has obtained new Webflow certificates and updated the old ones. After the recent Webflow certificate update, our developers passed all the examinations and requirements to be met.

This achievement is a significant milestone for Phenomenon and its development team. It underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of web development technologies and ensuring our developers have the latest skills and certifications. Webflow empowers developers to create professional-quality websites without writing code, streamlining the design and development process. Its intuitive interface and powerful features enable teams to efficiently build responsive, visually stunning websites, saving time and resources. By leveraging Webflow, companies can deliver exceptional web experiences that matter.

The last Webflow update introduced new certifications for developers to apply for and confirm their competencies. What’s more, the recent update not only covered new certificates but also provided an opportunity to update old ones. Some functionality was previously in beta testing — now it has been published live. Therefore, there was already an opportunity to re-certify for the live functionality.

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Webflow’s official accreditation

Each certificate confirms that Webflow verifies the quality of the developer’s work. Developers regularly re-certify to provide their clients with the highest-quality product. To pass the exam, a developer needs to score more than 88%, correctly answering at least 22 out of the 25 questions for each exam. Upon passing a Webflow Certification exam, the certifications are valid for 12 months from the issue date. After 12 months, the developer must take and pass the updated version of that exam to retain the certification status.

What certificates does Phenomenon have now?

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Two layout certifications

It confirms the basics of HTML and CSS for web layouts and element positioning. Phenomenon developers received Level 1 and Level 2 certificates.

Phenomenon has received newly released Webflow certificates - Photo 1

Webflow 101 certification

This certificate approves the web design and development knowledge learned in the Webflow 101 course. The test contains questions about the web’s principles, such as the box model, HTML, and CSS.

Phenomenon has received newly released Webflow certificates - Photo 1

CMS certification

This certification bears out the expert’s knowledge of Webflow CMS, including building a CMS, filtering your CMS lists, and best practices.

Phenomenon has received newly released Webflow certificates - Photo 1

Webflow experts certification

This certification shows that Webflow recognizes a developer as a reliable partner that builds high-quality products.

Phenomenon has received newly released Webflow certificates - Photo 1

At Phenomenon, we love making strides towards new achievements to provide our customers with the highest quality products and solutions. We grow and develop along with you. More to come!

If you’re interested in Phenomenon services, contact us and consult with experts who will advise you and ensure you receive the exact service you need.

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