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AR/VR & Meta Website Branding 3D motion design

Mptbox is a virtual reality-driven metaverse of social interactions. It is a versatile tool that allows users to communicate with each other through means never possible before.


Meta Company


UI design

Mptbox – Metaverse website & branding - Website Development - Photo 1
In detail

Our goal was to create a branding identity that would reflect the futuristic nature of the service. The main task was to create a versatile style that clearly conveys the digital essence of the product without using common stylistic decisions associated with the idea of “cyberspace.”

Final Stage

The team conducted a competitive analysis of the field, which allowed us to distinguish widespread features of the “metaverse genre.” It allowed us to avoid those tropes in the identity design, balancing branding image between our unique vision with recognizability of the field it is set in.

Mptbox – Metaverse website & branding - Website Development - Photo 6
Our cases
More cases

We work with both small startups and large corporations.

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