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E-learning app for Ghanaians to improve their personal hygiene and care for their younger generation.

A large number of residents of particular areas of Ghana aren’t even aware of basic rules of hygiene and childcare, which every year increases the level of illness and death in this country. We have developed a mobile app that aims to help Ghanaians learn about hygiene and childcare.




UX Research
MVP functionality
UI Design

In detail

We have developed a mobile application that will help reduce the death rate in the country.


Many Ghanaians don’t use mobile applications at all, so one of the major tasks was to think over the interface so that anyone could understand how to use it. E-learning which is the key element of the application should also not be hard and overloaded in terms of functionality.


Considering the lack of user experience with mobile applications in this country, we made the interface as simple as possible and removed some features or options that might be hard to understand to users, and tried to focus on one target action for each screen (we did not add swiping and we minimized the number of clickable elements on the screen).

The learning process is divided into small courses, at the end of which users receive motivating badges. The course itself consists of audio lessons, as well as tasks that a person must complete and post a photo of the result on his Facebook page, which also helps us to promote this product.

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Working progress

The first and most important stage is to put yourself in the user's shoes and show empathy for them.

UX Research

The MegaMom application target audience is the residents of Ghana, who are not tech-savvy, they are not so keen on using mobile applications, and the most famous and popular for them is Facebook. Based on this data, we started to design an application excluding any complicated animations or options that users may find challenging such as swipe effects, etc.

In order for users to be involved in the learning process, we have built it in the format of small courses, which consist of various audio lectures and tasks that need to be completed for a set time. According to the result of each task, for example, to wash hands correctly, the user must take a photo of the result and post it on Facebook as proof. This also helps to promote the application itself. Upon successful completion of the course, the user is rewarded with a badge.

The monetization approach will turn out fascinating since it works both for the product itself and helps users to earn their living. If a person successfully completes the course, he can have a chance to become a reseller of hygiene products. He can buy one of several types of hygiene packs that contain various detergents. Each pack of hygiene products shows the price at which it can be bought in the application, the price it can be sold at, and how much he can earn from it. This way, a user will provide his community with hygiene products, which are usually in short supply, while earning his own living at the same time.

UI Design

Having built the entire information architecture of the app and approved its wireframes, we moved on to the design of the app. MegaMom is an educational application, so it was important to make it as visually engaging as possible without making it a boring educational product. We used a vibrant color palette and saturated the app with accompanying illustrations. The users can see them everywhere in the app: on confirmation screens, on pop-ups, and the illustrations also reflect the target audience itself for greater involvement in training.


The result is the developed socially significant app in Ghana that will help reduce mortality in the country

The MegaMom mobile app has a big social goal behind it, which lies in decreasing the number of diseases and the death rate in Ghana. Through thoughtful UX research, we have found an approach to help Ghanaians learn about hygiene and childcare with this app.

The app courses are designed in such a way that they can be easily understood and studied. Receiving rewards for completing courses and assignments for them, the user also finds out that he can buy hygiene products and resell them in his community, while making his own living.









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