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Fintech is an app for fast and reliable money transfers between friends and other people.

Flash is an application designed for the Egyptian market, the main goal of which is to create a reliable way to quickly exchange money with your friends, make purchases and pay for different services, and share a bill with your mates.

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In detail

An easy-to-use application designed to simplify your money transactions


An app that helps you make online transactions right from your smartphone is a new product for the Egyptian market. Most of the foreign exchange transactions there are still carried out with the help of cash. Our task was to create a user-friendly interface that will inspire confidence and be user-friendly even for inexperienced users.


The best way to test usability and accessibility is to give real users the opportunity to test the app, and then draw conclusions based on their experience. Since the Flash application is quite complex, we ran user tests as new features were added. While we developed the app, we managed to create 5 interactive prototypes that simulate the use of a real application.

The app focuses on money transfers between friends. Besides the basic features like sending and requesting payment, there is also a feature of payment sharing with a group of people. We also pay a lot of attention to attracting new people and receiving awards for it. This is required to distribute the app on the market.

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Working progress

We have developed different options for foreign exchange transactions that will meet all users’ needs.


The analysis of the target audience showed that many users are kind of picky about the new product that will have access to their funds. For this reason, in the onboarding stage, we focused on the security and safety of all currency transactions. We were able to ensure that because Flash works directly with the Egyptian Central Bank. Highlighting this fact when users perform all foreign exchange transactions significantly increases user confidence in the application.

Pay & Request

The basic app features include sending and requesting payments. We have developed various options for performing these operations. A person can send or request money using a phone number, QR code, a unique Flash username, and also select any person from their contact list.

When registering in Flash, each user creates his own unique username and QR code with which he can receive payments.

Also, a user can send or request a payment from a person who is not yet a Flash user. This can be any person from the contact list.

Split Bill

The feature is aimed at making split payments as simple and fast as possible. The user can create a group and add an expense to it, which is divided equally or individually between the group members. The created group resembles a chat like in any popular messenger, which makes this function easy to use (Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, etc.)

Balance & Self transfer

To simplify the user experience and save the user from switching from one banking application to another, we have developed features with which you can manage bank accounts directly from Flash, for instance, you can add multiple cards from different banks.Β 


Since Flash is a new product on the market, we have placed a heavy emphasis on attracting users by offering them various bonuses, promotions, and giveaways.

For inviting each new user, a person receives a cash reward. The referred user also receives a reward after completing his first transaction.

Also, after a certain number of transactions, the user receives a scratch card, “scratching” which gives him a chance to receive a cash reward. Thus, we associate transactions with something pleasant and mysterious.

Flash Business

Besides features related to currency transactions between friends, using Flash, users can pay for purchases and services in different stores. The payments are made through QR codes, as well as using the unique code of the store itself. The company or store must be a Flash user to receive payments.


Transition to contactless payment for Egyptians via the application

In the development of the Flash application, our main goal was to make all money transactions fast and convenient, which we achieved through initial UX research and user testing.

We have worked out all possible options for currency transactions that Egyptians make with cash and combined them in a convenient and intuitive application. We truly believe that Flash will transform the Egyptian market for the better and make people’s lives easier.




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